Best Remote Work Tools for Productivity & Collaboration

best remote work tools for productivity and collaboration

You know, Working from home isn’t easy, but it’s also not that hard.

Companies of all sizes must learn to work as a distributed team and select the best-suited tools for their workflows and processes to perform smoothly.

There are many benefits to incorporating remote working into your organization. Still, you must first investigate the best practices for remote team management. 

People can use remote system software to work from everywhere. Remote work presents a well-defined set of difficulties, using specific tools to label them.

Remote software, such as video calls or messaging apps, cloud storage, project management systems, task management systems, small team management programs, and so on, is used to communicate with networking systems.

To encourage remote collaboration, it’s vital that the small software testing has many app connectors and is easy to use for other team members.

Communication and resource availability are key debate topics for remote team members on software development projects. So why not clear all your doubts with us! 

Let’s know more about it. 

However, in the first place!

Why Is Communication for Remote Working Is Important?

Remote software is becoming more and more favored thanks to the number of advantages for businesses. 

From cutting down the cost of office conservation to granting access to new markets and talents, It benefits small companies, big and small.

Things are changing, and this new work scenario is challenging for companies and line managers. With the best small team management software tools, creating circumstances that suit everyone on the team is not that hard.

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How we select the top 10 Remote Work Tools?

When your crew is dispersed around the globe, keeping track of and managing duties can be difficult. Still, with the appropriate tools, remote workers can thrive.

Consider what will be most advantageous to your demands while looking for the perfect characteristics for your remote workstation.

Beyond the basics of timeline tracking, cloud file storage, and document collaboration, you should consider whether you require specific role-based tasks, enhanced communications functionality, integration possibilities, and more.

The procedure is similar to searching for web content technologies to match a company’s specific content marketing needs.

Top priorities can be:

  • Menu flow
  • Time tracking
  • Role-based features
  • Directory control
  • Increases productivity
  • Call routing
  • Expertise
  • Call recording 

10 Best Remote work tools for productivity and collaboration

Some teams might try to handle everything via particularly dangerous emails. A project management system solves the problem of groups by organizing tasks and documents that make it smooth to work for the teams.

In some ways, project management plays a vital role.

 Let’s look at some options.

  • Trello – keeps track of to-do lists
  • Slack – It’s great for collaboration, getting someone’s attention, decisions, and quick questions.
  • Microsoft Teams – It encourages targeted communication between teams
  • Redbooth – Good audio and video quality and Improves accountability
  • Zoom – HD call and video quality and Seamless transition to video
  • Google Hangouts – You can do Group Hangouts and Instant messages
  • Dropbox – It provides Cloud Storage and Productivity
  • Asana – Mentioning teammates, tasks, and projects and Color-coding everything
  • Basecamp – Hill charts to track project progress and Reports to check on team members
  • Milanote – Simplified collaborations and Organized insights

Let’s know about them in brief,

1. Trello

Trello is a startup favorite. It’s a highly general-purpose and easy-to-use project management tool based on the Kanban system.  

Trello has earned its favor thanks to the visual list creation tool that allows you to follow the project progress visually. 


Trello is an excellent example of software that doesn’t need to be hard to serve its motive well.

 Simple yet effective design and effortless functionality make it a solid choice for the teams that need to collaborate on several complex tasks.

Features and benefits of Trello

It empowers the team to manage many projects, workflow, or tracking. Files, criteria, and automation can be added, and you can customize it for how the team works best. 

It keeps all of the team’s information in a particular place which helps assign members, add due dates, leave comments, and many more.

You have to sign up, create aboard, and you’ll be good to go.

Some Other features of Trello:

  • Progress Meter Checklist.
  • Easy Upload 
  • Responsive design.
  • Simple UI. 
  • In-Line Editing.         
  • It Uses real-time. 

Trello Pricing & Packages

Trello’s price and plans for a remote work tool start as: 

Packages Pricing
Free Free
Standard $5 /user/month
Premium $10 /user/month
Enterprise $17.50 /user/month

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2. Slack

Slack is a software that provides an easy-to-use chat/channel communication tool. It has an affordable price and practical features making it a great communication choice for other remote software development teams. 


It’s a professional communication platform built by Slack Technologies, an American software startup that Salesforce controls.

It has features similar to IRC, such as intentional chat rooms, private organizations, and direct messaging.

Features and benefits of Slack

It can replace email and text messaging with one app. It also shares files and documents with your teammates. It’s great for collaboration, getting someone’s attention, decisions, and quick questions.

It is a public channel that anyone can join or find in search that only invited are will locate. It has a searchable history in all media, including direct and group chats. Ability to share content in channels. Slack Huddles for live conversations.

Some Other features of Slack:

  • Streamlining your sidebar.
  • Managing and tracking documents.
  • Team availability
  • It makes remote work easier
  • Voice and video call
  • Privatization of channels

Slack Pricing & Packages

Slack’s price and plans for a remote work tool start as: 

Packages Pricing
Free $0 USD/month
Pro $6.67 USD/month
Business+ $12.50 USD/month
Enterprise Grid Customized Solution

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams are considering an enterprise version of Slack; Microsoft Teams exists in the Microsoft Office habitat and integrates natively with all other Microsoft products. 

Microsoft Teams

It is a hub for chat, video calls, and file sharing for a small business that uses Microsoft Office tools often. 

It should be easy to start using Microsoft Teams since most of your team members will already be familiar with the integrated software.

Features and benefits of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams fosters incredibly targeted communication among teams, and it helps increase focus on work. It also increases team productivity and provides easy implementation.

All the team conversations, files, meetings, and apps can be together in a single shared workspace, and you can share it on your preferred devices. 

Whether rushing towards a deadline or spilling your next big idea, Microsoft Teams helps you achieve more.

Some Other features of Microsoft Teams:

  • Plan your day with tasks
  • Fight meeting fatigue with together mode
  • It offers workspace chat and application integration.
  • Can upload a fun background
  • Message Bookmarks

Microsoft Teams Pricing & Packages

Microsoft Teams’ price and plans for a remote work tool start as: 

Packages Pricing
Free Free
Essentials Plan $5.00 per user/month
Premium Plan $12.50 per user/month
E3 Plan $20.00 per user/month

4. RedBooth

Redbooth is a workplace collaboration tool and communication platform. It provides tools in one place which simplifies communication and project management (advanced). 


Redbooth is a work management tool that helps teams manage tasks and communication to complete the assigned projects faster and easier.

Redbooth simultaneously manages tasks with its flexible software. It helps keep existing initiatives on track and instantly start new ones with pre-designed templates.  

Features and benefits of Redbooth

The Redbooth program provides automatic task management, allowing you to delegate and assign tasks easily. 

It also has a quick view dashboard and visual project timelines, which helps you understand how the projects progress. 

It has Quick Communication, which improves accountability. It provides Good audio and excellent video quality to the users.

 Some other Features of Redbooth

  • Time Tracking
  • Online Task Management
  • Desktop sharing

Redbooth Pricing & Packages

Redbooth’s price and plans for a remote work tool start as: 

Packages Pricing
Free Free
Pro $12 USD/month
Business $18.75 USD/month
Enterprise Customized Solution

5. Zoom

Zoom is a video conversion tool that is unexpectedly lightweight and integrates directly into Google Calendar. It is a proprietary video teleconferencing software program developed by Zoom Video Communications. 


The intuitive nature of the experience makes clients pick it up, adopt it, and automatically see it as better than the previous solutions.

Even though it has options for messaging, Zoom is mainly known for its high-quality video calling. 

Features and benefits of Zoom

When creating the meeting, you can invite people who aren’t associated with U-M to a Zoom Call by entering their email as an invitee. 

It uses a cloud-based mentoring software system to deliver videotelephony and internet chat services.

Teleconferencing, telecommuting, remote education, and social interactions are applications.

It helps invite participants even after the meeting has already started. It has HD calls and excellent video quality, which connects employees. It also provides Affordable plans to many organizations. 

Some other Features of Zoom

  • Zoom gallery view
  • Screen Sharing
  • Background change
  • Keyword shortcuts
  • Beauty filters
  • Calendar scheduling

Zoom Pricing & Packages

Zoom’s price and plans for a remote work tool start as: 

Packages Pricing
Free Free
Pro $149.90 /year
Business $ 199.90 /year
Enterprise $ 240 /year

6. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a quick messaging service created by Google. Hangouts became a self-sustaining product when Google integrated features from Google Talk and Google Messenger into Hangouts.

Google Handouts

Hangouts provide secure team messaging and video calling for loyal Google users. 

Google Hangouts is a quick messaging service created by Google. Hangouts don’t require you to download any software. 

Features and benefits of Google Hangouts

It provides accessibility which helps any organization to work efficiently. It serves at a low price which makes the packages affordable. It allows you to choose your audience.

Google Hangouts is a Google communication tool that allows you to send people online and video calling, phone calls, and text messages to actual phones.

Like other online meeting tools, It conducts meetings or hosts web conferences using Google Hangouts. It also provides features like screen sharing and suggesting fresh content.

Some other features of Google Hangouts:

  • Group Hangouts
  • Instant messages
  • Video Chats
  • Say it with an emoji
  • Animations

Google Hangouts Pricing & Packages

Hangouts’ price and plans for a remote work tool start as: 

Packages Pricing
Free Free
Pro $59 /Month/Host
Business $124 /Month/Host
Enterprise $197 /Month/Host

7. DropBox

Dropbox is a cloud-based file providing service that helps its users to store their data in a particular place, which they can make accessible to whomever they wish.


Dropbox provides you the free version with 2 GB and only $8.25 per month for more space. It gives you secure access to all your files by collaborating with friends, teams, and family from any device you prefer.

It is well suited to various devices and can access from computers and mobile devices.

Features and benefits of Dropbox

It is free to use, which makes the work easier. It also works without an Internet connection which makes it easier to use. It has features like sharing files and collaborating, and it backs up all the files and information and can use when needed.

The primary benefit of Dropbox is that it makes files easily portable without the use of any external devices. Dropbox lets you keep all of your essential documents in one easy-to-find location.

 In addition to office and personal computers, Dropbox can access using iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android devices.

Some other Features of Dropbox

  • Cloud Storage
  • Productivity
  • Content Collaboration  

Dropbox Pricing & Packages

Dropbox’s price and plans for a remote work tool start as: 

Packages Pricing
Plus $11.99 / month
Family $19.99 / month
Professional $19.99 / month
Standard $15 / user / month
Advanced $25 /user/month

8. Asana

Asana is extremely compelling due to its many features and has been around since 2008. 

Its straightforward design allows for tracking progress and seeing who is in charge of particular project parts, making any communication gap about roles and responsibilities unlikely. 


Asana also integrates hundreds of other businesses’ apps, like Google Drive and Outlook. 

Its task assignments build into more significant projects, which helps team members compartmentalize their workload in the development process.

Benefits of Asana

Asana helps increase accountability and increases communication to make any business run easier. It makes the team’s goals clearer, which allows the business to meet deadlines.

It has task prioritization and a scheduler. It gives users their choice of creating, scheduling, and prioritizing tasks in different formats, including kanban boards, timeline charts, and task lists.

Asana Features 

  • Can see your To-do-list
  • Mentioning teammates, tasks, and projects
  • Color code everything
  • Tasks storage

Asana Pricing & Packages

Asana’s price and plans for a remote work tool start as: 

Packages Pricing
Basic $0
Premium $10.99 US/month
Business $24.99 US/ month

9. Basecamp

Basecamp has earned the trust of its clients through its simple interface and actionable task items. Message boards, automated check-ins, and group chats guarantee that every team member stays connected. 


 Since mid‑2004, the company’s focus has changed from web design to web application development. 

Due dates, calendaring, and to-do lists help customers set their priorities and organize their work based on the urgency of the assigned tasks. With Basecamp, team members can be in touch in real-time from the convenience of their computers or mobile devices.

Benefits of Basecamp

It is easy to use and also is intuitive. It allows for collaborative Project Management, and it allows for integration with various third-party tools for backup and synchronization.

It has Auto updates features that can save you time from checking them from time to time. It simplifies task management which makes it more convenient to utilize. It also provides the control of user permission to work professionally. 

 There are free (up to 60 days) and paid versions.

Basecamp Features:

  • Chat platform
  • To-do-lists
  • Hill charts to track project progress
  • Reports to check on team members

Basecamp Pricing & Packages

Basecamp’s price and plans for a remote work tool start as: 

Packages Pricing
Monthly plan $99/month
Yearly plan $999/year

10. Milanote

Milanote is a tool that manages your ideas into visual boards. It is a software company based in Melbourne, Australia. 

It is used to create beautiful and creative visual boards for designers working on remote teams.


Some vital features of Milanote are its capacity to write notes and to-do lists, images uploading and files, and save the details you’ve found on the web. 

Benefits of Milanote

It has organized insights, simplified collaborations, successful projects. It also has backed-up data features that can use as future reference. It has an encrypted database that saves data from functioning. Work smoothly for the future too.

This program helps businesses from project ideation to deployment, which features collaboration tools, such as comment sections, to encourage responsibility inside your employees. 

The software lets you review other members’ endowments to the company’s dashboard, and you can also invite all to view and edit product plans. 

This process confirms that every creative project goes through careful quality checks. You may also communicate notes, photographs, videos, and documents with your staff using Milanote. The program establishes a wide range of file extensions to suit various projects.

Milanote Features

  • Creative
  • File Sharing
  • Mobile Access
  • Version Control
  • Workflow Management

Milanote Pricing & Packages

Milanote’s price and plans for a remote work tool start as: 

Packages Pricing
Free $0
Premium $9.99 per month
Business $49 per month


Remote work is a style that admits professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. Let’s think of it this way. 

Instead of reducing to an office to work from a desk each day, remote employees can carry out their projects and be better than their goals.

More than 60% of all-time employees agree that working would increase productivity. 2/3 of managers who worked remotely examines reported an increase in overall productivity from their remote employees. 

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