Best sales prospecting tools to boost sales pipeline & fuel revenue

sales prospecting tools to boost sales pipeline

Looking for the best sales prospecting tools to boost your sales but couldn’t decide on which one to choose? You are not the only one.

There are many paid and free sales prospecting tools available these days, all claiming to save time. But who among today’s harried salespeople has time to analyze hundreds of lead generation and sales prospecting tools, let alone put them to the test to identify the most incredible fit?

Using the incorrect sales prospecting tools is inconvenient, time-consuming, and stressful. On the other side, the correct sales prospecting tools can help your team add more leads to the sales pipeline and close more significant deals quickly.

But, with hundreds of sales prospecting tools to select from, how can you know which ones to use?

What are sales prospecting tools?

The software and apps that make sales prospecting easier are called sales prospecting tools. They assist you in identifying the proper prospects, gathering pertinent information about them quickly, and initiating an engaging and meaningful discourse with them to clinch more business.

There are various sales prospecting tools for the current sales process. You can utilize tools to complete a variety of activities, including:

  • Creating a prospect list.
  • Prospects who meet specific criteria.
  • Obtaining contact information
  • Getting to know your prospects.

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Why do you use sales prospecting tools?

Prospecting tools have become critical to the success of any sales company. They’re essential to build your sales pipeline with more leads and close bigger deals. Sales teams use prospecting tools to achieve:

  • Thorough and in-depth knowledge of their potential customer.
  • They’ll need data, technology, and processes to discover candidates who fulfill this description.
  • A technique for reaching out to and nurturing leads.
  • Automations that aid in the prospecting process by ensuring speed and precision.

Advantages of Sales Prospecting Tools

Take the following tools as you would any other toolkit. To build or assemble something, you’ll need the following tools to get started. You’ll be more productive by including these technologies into your tech stack.

The Advantages of Using a Sales Prospecting Tool include:

  • Boost productivity.
  • Make the most of your time.
  • Create a pipeline.

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Best sales prospecting tools to boost sales pipeline & fuel revenue

When weighing your alternatives, seek tools that will give you the most bang for your buck. After all, it’s a lot easier to assemble your team this way.

Based on these criteria, our top 5 sales prospecting tools are to boost sales pipeline & fuel revenue.

  1. Demodesk – Best for sales meetings
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Best for sales professionals
  3. Overloop (Formerly – Multi-channel sales automation platform and best for sales productivity
  4. Mattermark – Best and one of the most preferred platforms for investment teams
  5. – Best for outreach efforts

1. Demodesk

Demodesk is well-known for automating essential sales processes. It’s a web-based meeting platform that allows sales representatives to schedule and lead meetings in real-time.

Demodesk Sales Meeting Platform

It interacts with Google Calendar and Office 365 to send out automated calendar invites and email reminders, which can reduce no-show rates. It also helps cut down on meeting prep time with dynamic team playbooks that are simple to automate to load the appropriate slides, webpages, or apps.

Its pricing range starts from $25 to $45.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Any discussion of sales prospecting tools would be incomplete without mentioning LinkedIn. In the world of sales prospecting software, LinkedIn Sales Navigator stands apart.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Sales Tool for Prospecting

Although LinkedIn’s costs are rising in tandem with the network’s size and reach, it may be worthwhile to test out those premium accounts: According to experts, LinkedIn generates the great majority of social B2B leads online, far outnumbering Facebook and Twitter.

It also helps businesses locate leads and accounts in their target market, obtain real-time insights for warm outreach, and establish trusting relationships with customers and prospects.

It’s simple to make cold calls and send out emails. Additionally, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator application provides more extensive information about each prospect and the ability to save leads within the platform, which streamlines the workflow.

You can save up to 25% and cancel the subscription anytime; it ranges from $79.99 to $125.

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3. Overloop (Formerly

Overloop, formerly named, is one of the most comprehensive sales automation platforms on the market, with a set of robust features that will help you and your sales team succeed.

Overloop Outbound and sales automation CRM

The prospecting feature assists you in locating and verifying critical information about your prospects, such as their email addresses, phone numbers, work titles, and more.

This function is even easier to utilize with the Google Chrome extension. To automate follow-ups on outreach, you can create templates and drip campaigns. offers two-way interaction with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Slack, among other platforms.

Its pricing ranges from $79 to $129; before that, you can test it out for 14 days for free to learn more about it.

4. Jotform Survey Maker

Jotform Survey Maker is a tool you can use for sales prospecting, offering different features for capturing leads. It allows users to create custom forms and surveys that can be easily placed on websites or sent directly to potential clients.

Jotform Survey Maker

The platform supports automated data collection through various question types, allowing sales teams to understand their prospects better. With its conditional logic feature, surveys can be tailored to gather more specific data based on previous answers, improving the relevance of the information collected. Additionally, Jotform integrates with and transfers this data into CRM systems, simplifying the process of tracking and managing leads. Its analytics function also helps in assessing the effectiveness of the surveys and forms, providing insights that can guide the optimization of future sales strategies.

5. Mattermark

Mattermark is a wonderful alternative for sales prospecting in the early stages when you need to expand your list of potential customers.

It offers a directory of firms and investors that can be filtered by more than 80 different factors, including area, industry, revenue, company size, business model, and staff growth.

Mattermark Data-Driven Sales Deal Making

Sales workers can save time collecting helpful information about leads by creating saved searches that include pertinent corporate news and alerts.

Mattermark interacts with Salesforce, allowing you to import data from the program into your CRM and apply triggers and actions to each lead or opportunity. This improves the overall sales process by allowing you to prioritize better and tailor your efforts.

Its price ranges from $49 for Mattermark standard to $500 for Mattermark professional.

5. is a Google Chrome extension that searches for email addresses connected with any domain. It can even offer you a score based on the likelihood of someone responding to your email message.

Hunter Find Email Address in Seconds

When you can’t identify a prospect’s contact information, Hunter shows you a pattern hidden behind the related email addresses that you may use to find your target prospect’s information.

These are the most effective sales prospecting tools available today. Just adding one or two to your prospecting process can help it go much more quickly and smoothly.

It costs nothing for the first 50 monthly requests and $399 per month for the first 50,000.

To summarize

With all of these sales prospecting tools, your sales staff will work more efficiently, spend more time on prospects who will convert, and close more deals. If you’re looking to update your sales prospecting toolbox in 2022, we hope this list proves helpful.

The best sales prospecting tools and techniques can help the sales team to identify and approach the right prospects.

I want to end with a word of advice. Technology is not enough, and instead, it should be used as a tool only when coupled with human effort, persistence, and creativity.

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