Digital Handshake: How to Leverage it to Grow Your Business

Digital Handshake to leverage growth for business

One of the priorities of business is to develop better networking. Many Professionals work specifically in sales and marketing and build their entire careers in working, enhancing, and developing relationships with prospects.

The digital handshake can be one of the factors that can bring marketers, and representatives, to build relationships with their clients like never before and seed the plant of trust through the digital channels.

In this article, we will answer comprehensively regarding:

  • Digital handshake meaning
  • Advantages of Digital Handshake (DH)
  • How to close a Digital Handshake?
  • How to master when two businesses are engaged through Digital Handshake?
  • How digital handshake helps the business to grow
  • And many more.

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What is a Digital Handshake?

Digital handshake is when two or more parties interact over some form of digital media (i.e., cellphone, webcam, teleconference, video, etc.) to collaborate for business relationships. Merging two Banks online is an example of digital handshake.

We can have business relationships the same as any relationship that needs to be constructed on the pillar of trust for today’s most successful businesses.

There was a time when a handshake was the ultimate symbol of faith in business, but today, the handshake has come to an end.

Digital Handshake

More and more commercial relationships are built entirely through the online procedure with a representative and their clients they may never meet in person.

This space has twisted and made complications in understanding things. So, to develop trust stronger, diminish this distance through digital channels.

What are the Benefits of Digital Handshake?

Digital handshake provides various benefits over physical handshaking and replaces physical handshake.

Digital handshake gives comfort benefits that occur naturally with a face-to-face meeting with shaking whatever electronic device they are presently using.

It’s the process that supports businesses, brands, and professionals to develop, change and reap valuable trust through different digital channels, usually social media.

A digital handshake and a physical handshake aim for a similar factor in providing “quality” of the handshake to opposite partners and parties and giving a feeling of trust without much marketing efforts or enhancing confidence through digital channels.

Digital handshake is also for nonprofit trade associations dedicated to their advertising.

How to Introduce Two Business Owners through Different Qualities of Digital Handshake

Like a physical handshake, a digital handshake should also be appropriate. It is about trust and showing your confidence in front of other parties.

1. Authentic Digital Handshake

The digital handshake should be authentic. Clients are digitally smart and will tell if you are hawking half-truths or trying to hide your true self.

Authentic digital handshake is a major element of digital handshake determined through your message on social media, the design and overall “feel” of your website, and your coordination tone, which mirrors your true self.

2. Omnichannel Digital Handshake

We can feel the difference in the handshake between people we are meeting for the first time and established, long-time colleagues. Handshakes feel more personal when there is a strong relationship.

We can expect this same thought in a digital handshake. You need to go with a truly omnichannel approach, and it secures that no matter how well an audience member knows you, no matter how close your relationship is, you should provide the proper response.

Keep in mind that your digital handshake will be less trustworthy if you plan to send the same cookie-cutter, automated response to everyone. Regardless of how many you have had, their request, or the medium, you will turn off prospects because you may feel “too robotic.”

Your digital handshake should pursue people throughout different platforms that need to be truly effective.

3. Warm Digital Handshake

A warm digital handshake is the final quality handshake that requires a lot of warmth. The warm digital handshake helps brands undergo digital transformation and can assist in enhancing websites, portals, and other digital properties that help develop relationships between your brand and your ideal customers.

It includes the tone of your messaging, the imagery you use, and the intimacy of your interactions. Also, it involves two important aspects in how your brand is sensed by your customers and prospects similarly.

How to Close a Digital Handshake or Master on Digital Handshake?

The digital handshake should be proper to win your prospect’s trust. To close a digital handshake, you need to take care of every small detail like:

Ensure your Camera is On.

A camera is one of the easiest ways to acquire a digital handshake perfectly. It is not important whether your customer has turned their camera on; from your end, you should ensure your camera is on at every digital meeting you join.

Camera on Digital Handshake Pitch

Through your digital handshake, on-camera shows your interest through facial expression and knows your real side. It will also help you express your empathy and sincerity, which can’t be done while turning the camera off.

Use Video Messaging INSTEAD of Emails.

We sometimes type the things that are hard to understand in our official emails. So, to not make these mistakes and uplift your customer trust and engagement, you can use video messaging.

Great service providers such as BombBomb can help you easily attach your video responses to your emails.

Like the first tip ensuring the camera is on will help in different contexts. Instead of sending emails that can easily lead to friction or misinterpretation, a 30-second video recording can help your client or undermine your marketing efforts.

It will always allow them to know you, see you, and know your true feeling of who you are and enlights them on why they want to do business with your dilemma. It is a way of “re-humanizing” the digital sales procedure.

Avoid looking like Witness Protection.

We are in the WFH (Work from Home) era, where everyone should optimize. For proper advertising and marketing dollars optimization, ensure appropriate lighting and a well-operating microphone, and keep in mind that sitting in front of a window is not enough.

If tip 1: camera or tip2: video messaging can’t truly help you pitch your prospects. Enhance your digital presence to make yourself look like the utmost professional you are, even if you are working from home.

Digital Handshake: How to leverage it to grow your business?

If you’re using digital handshake in the right way, it gives various opportunities to leverage your business. Here are some proven strategies to grow that can help you out and let you get the benefits of a digital handshake adequately:

1. Finding the Right Mix

You can use different tools for getting the right stuff: video, online scheduling, screen capture, or anything else that will be a comprehensive marketing plan for what your clients desire and enhance their comfort or confidence level.

This is the crucial beginning point for business; these technologies are available but recognizing and appreciating how your clients desire to be involved in the first step.

2. Diminish Obstacles for your Clients

One can face mainly two obstacles for their clients: physical obstacles where the primary tasks take a lot of time to accomplish.

For instance, while making an appointment through email or website brings obstacles and effort from the client, you can go with a “contact form” that is filled out in a few minutes and returns on their advertising.

Secondly, mental obstacles. For example, an email is too long and complicated for your client. They are wandering away through that email message from your message. Removing such obstacles for your clients

3. Control your Digital Presence

When we want to interact with a new business, we first do ‘google it’ to check what kind of ratings it has online.

Additionally, the business using social media presence also plays a vital role in social media to grow in networking, advertising, and branding.

Ensure applications for blogging and social media marketing fit well together, showing a unified and consistent approach so that your customer can recognize you and your brand, no matter what social media platform you’re on.

It will establish a favorable online brand presence or blogging social networking online video before your current customer base, showing you care for clients’ review F2F rather than messaging.

Contact your customers and ask them to leave a Google review. It’s just taking your excellent work and turning it into a marketing plan.

And it’s not difficult since you’ve often had a positive influence on these people’s lives, and they want to support and assist you.

4. Enhance Video Technology

Video provides the biggest opportunity for businesses is defining things to their easier clients verbally than in text and would also benefit from a visual component.

It engages with F2F video, which can assist in getting the key vision across faster and is often far more effective than just providing text for a client to read.

Video technology gives business owners more comfortable and safe environments, which helps to leverage to grow your business and get the perfect digital handshake.

5. Customer Consistency

Mixing up F2F and digital engagement, such as a digital handshake, it’s vital to remember that parts of your customer experience (CX) must remain consistent.

Digital Handshake Customer Experience

You must be in place of your clients to understand the current journey through your business, then know the pain points or bottlenecks of sales and marketing where most issues occur.

These inconsistencies must be solved and understood wherever your problem starts. Start with that, improve the way you deliver that, standardize it, and then rinse and repeat.

Customize your flawless email or messages for each step of your digital handshake process and re-use this version. This will make your communications more efficient to deliver and standardize your customer experience.

Consider how long it takes you to respond. You need defined criteria, timetables, and ways to know if you’re meeting them to remain consistent.

6. Maintain an Ever-Evolving Mindset

The true evolution of your business and its better customer experience will come from within you.

So, getting time for a better customer experience improves relationships through a digital handshake to grow your business and can help you improve your mindset in the online world.

Wrapping Up: Digital Handshake is a new Transition for businesses.

Digital handshake is completely new terminology for everyone. However, we can see that a digital handshake plays a vital role in closing a deal in the future.

However, there is the possibility that this technology can either undermine or leverage a business because it is based on on-interaction in person without meeting other parties in person.

Digital handshake will help the business that is trying to place itself in the international market.

With a proper digital presence, working with different technologies, and having a constant mindset for a better customer experience, a digital handshake will make a new transition for every kind of business, which can help to leverage to grow.

A digital handshake can be a future eagle eye for pitching prospects with a better attitude and experience in the warmth process.


How can one master the digital handshake?

There are a few components for mastering digital handshake that is also mentioned above:
Ensuring your camera is on, Look confidently at it. Make confident eye contact, shoulders forward, and lean forward slightly.
Make a slow, confident, intentional nod without distracting eye contact.

What is a handshake in technology?

Establishing a connection with another computer or device with proper implementation of steps such as verifying the link, the speed, or the authorization of computer connection is called handshake in technology.

For instance, a modem connects to another modem.

What is a handshake in social media?

A handshake in social media is a way to develop trust through a digital platform that connects with consumers. It is now one proven strategy to grow business using social media and enhance marketing plans within shrinking returns.

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