Eyebloc Shark Tank Update 2023: What Happened to It After Shark Tank?

eyebloc shark tank update

Do you remember Eyebloc pitch in Shark Tank?

Well, it was one of the most interesting and crucial episodes of Shark Tank that everyone should watch once. 

EyeBloc’s founder took the burning topic that one should consider, and it won’t be surprising that webcams are vulnerable and always the target of hackers. 

According to statistics for the US only, 61% of Americans are at risk of being spied on with their webcams, which combined with only 52% of Americans knowing what to do and what action can help to prevent unwanted spies. 

Undoubtedly, EyeBloc is one of the best solutions to prevent unwanted spying, hacking, or other cyber crimes.

In one of the episodes of Shark Tank, C.J. Isaknow came to Shark Tank with an Eyeblock (a plastic clip) to secure laptop cameras from potential hackers in Season 5, Episode 13. 

Get a detailed account of their experience inside and outside the show. We’ll also talk about the following:

Let’s get going deeply on the EyeBloc Shark Tank Update without any blink! 

An Overview of Eyebloc on Shark Tank

Product NameEyebloc
FounderC.J. Isakow
Founded 2013
EpisodeSeason 5 Episode 13
Investment Seeking$50,000 for 10% equity
DealNo Offers
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn business

What is EyeBloc?

EyeBloc is an outdated technology that lets people quickly turn off their cameras without hassle with the USB cable.

They might break the drivers that allow their computers to function or yank the cords.

The company offers three products that provide privacy and cyber security: the EyeBloc Webcam for MacBook, Nanobloc Universal Webcam Cover, and the Datablock Data-Blocking USB Adapter.

Who founded EyeBloc?

 C.J. Isakowin founded EyeBloc in 2013, a company that creates technological solutions that secure people’s privacy and data via unrivaled design, function, and quality. 

His background includes founding Shift.com, which expanded to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and investment; working as a consultant at McKinsey & Company; and working in finance at Airbnb. 

EyeBlock Before Shark Tank

If you are not technologically outdated, you might even risk destroying the drivers that enable your computer to function if you can’t rapidly disconnect your webcam without removing the USB wire.

It provides a tangible solution to this issue instead of a software or hardware fix. EyeBloc is also excited to work with the promotional products industry to offer corporate clients customized webcam covers and data-blocking USBs.

However, following the pitch and the latest EyeBloc shark tank news, the EyeBloc Shark Tank Update is entirely different.

EyeBloc During Shark Tank Pitch

During Season 5, Episode 13 of the show, C.J. Isakow decided to pitch Shark Tank his business. C.J. Isaknow needs a shark to help with distribution and production.

C.J. enters Shark Tank in search of a $50,000 investment in exchange for a 10% ownership interest in his $500,000 company.

He tells the sharks that Americans are being watched. Robert Herjavec acknowledges that hacking into a computer’s webcam is straightforward.

He demonstrates how to disguise the webcam using the tiny, plastic binder clip-like device. So far, sales haven’t exactly been stellar. For $9.99 apiece, plus $4 for shipping and handling, he sold 45 pieces.

According to Mark Cuban, only 45 units will be retailed, and he believes that “post-it notes, a piece of gum, or anything” are the main competitors.

CJ will use the funds to develop a novel molding method that would lower production costs from $1.25 to $.25.

In Lori Greiner’s opinion, the price is simply too high. She predicts the item will cost about $1. She departed. In Robert Herjavec’s opinion, “simpler solutions” to the problem. He leaves as well.

Daymond John refers to Herjavec as “one of the greatest authorities on cyber security,” He asserts that if Herjavec doesn’t believe it, he won’t invest “in any form.” He went out.

The upside-down flag is “the universal emblem of agony,” Kevin O’Leary tells CJ, and it is “time for you to turn the flag upside down.” He was the last shark to leave, and C.J left the tank without concluding a shark deal.

EyeBlock After Shark Tank

Despite failing to close the contract during the sales pitch, EyeBloc simply lacks the attractiveness to justify a $10 price tag.

Although cyber security is undoubtedly a problem, every home may address the issue with simple solutions. When a piece of tape will do, customers are reluctant to pay $10 for a clip to conceal their webcam.

EyeBloc shut down all social media platforms in 2014, and the item is not available through Amazon. EyeBloc could not compete in the paranoid market because it appears that the Sharks have prohibited this webcam blocker.

In 2017, CJ saved the business from impending extinction. He acquired Spishutter, a company that manufactures magnetic camera covers and has a utility patent for its design, in September 2018.

However, he added UV device cleaners, UV wands, and data blocks to the product line. He also offers Nano Blockers and magnetic blockers, which use suction to hide the camera.

While selling directly to customers on Amazon, the company primarily distributes to the promotional products sector.

Fortunately, 100 CTOs chose the company to pre-install each of their laptops because they are the only webcam blockers that operate without using adhesive.

The business had risen from the ashes as of December 2021 and was bringing in $5 million annually.

In June 2020, Kensington, “a recognized maker of desktop and mobile device accessories trusted by IT education, business, and home office workers globally for over 35 years,” struck a license agreement with EyeBloc.

As of December 2021, the company has recovered from its ashes and generated $5 million in annual sales.

EyeBloc Net Worth 2023

The pitch and after-pitch value of EyeBloc Shark Tank were $500,000 per. Since then, the business has been doing well in the sales department, with $5 million in annual revenue expected in 2021.

When using your computer camera, EyeBloc offers excellent protection while allowing you to see clearly.

In a Nutshell: Is EyeBloc still in business?

An Eyebloc is a device that blocks the lens when a computer’s camera isn’t in use. It offers excellent protection while allowing you to see clearly.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get the shark for its investment but is still in business through its official site, Amazon. In 2021, it did business of only $5 million, and it’s impressive that the company is working on its own with effort and hard work. 

Eyebloc is one of the excellent products that didn’t catch the sharks but grabbed the place among the audiences and public.


What is the EyeBloc Net worth?

EyeBlock’s revenue was $5 million in 2021, but for 2023, the EyeBloc net worth is still unknown.

What’s the EyeBloc Shark Update?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make a good impression on Sharks, ended up with no deal, but still, you can buy it through their official site.

How can you get EyeBloc?

You can buy EyeBloc through their official site with your credit card, cheque, or purchase order.

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