How to Make Money on Omegle?

How to make money on omegle

In a world where many people struggle to make money, some people use popular platforms to earn millions. Among the successful money-making platform, Omegle is also one of them. But how does one make money on Omegle? 

Let’s explore.

Since the company is not publicly traded, there is no official information about Omegle’s revenue or how much people earn from Omegle. However, the site is estimated to earn $216 million in revenue annually.

As an Omegle user, you can try selling products to earn money on Omegle. 

This is one way, but are there any other ways to make money? 

Keep reading to learn the 8 best ways to make money on Omegle!

What is Omegle?

Parents restrict their children from talking with a stranger. The exact opposite of that is Omegle – a premise to connect strangers online.

Founded in 2009 by Leif K-Brooks, Omegle, a P2P text-based chat service, is a platform that enables users to chat with strangers globally. 

It is a video chatting service that you can use to connect with random people using “Video,” “Text,” or both. You can also add your interests, and then Omegle will match them with random people who share common interests. However, if you don’t do that, you can meet anyone.

Compared to chats with identifiable users, anonymous chats often seem much more explicit. Basically, that’s what the app is all about. Chats are anonymous until the strangers introduce themselves to each other. Moreover, there is no need to register.

Aside from making money, it is trendy for several reasons. Omegle’s business model revolves primarily around free services, but people have found various ways to turn it into a business.

Utilizing Omegle’s expansive user base, some individuals explore avenues beyond conventional methods for interaction, delving into online entrepreneurship. Platforms like Trader AI exemplify this trend, harnessing Omegle’s diverse audience to engage and market their AI-powered trading solutions, aligning with the growing interest in financial technology.

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8 Best Ways to make money in Omegle in 2022

The Omegle users can’t become an affiliate, nor do they give an online shop store. However, Omegle provides you with a targeted audience. 

In January 2021, Omegle’s global traffic increased from 34 million visits in January 2020 to 65 million visits, according to new research from data analyst Semrush.

Because Omegle has so many users, you can use that audience as your source of income, which will eventually make you money. It is like a home job for passive income. 

Here are a few different ways that you can try to make passive income in Omegle in 2022

1. By becoming a moderator of paid chat room

One way is to become a moderator of the paid chat room on Omegle. 

As a moderator, you would be responsible for overseeing the chat room for unacceptable behavior and guaranteeing that the rules of the room are adhered to. You would also need to be available to answer any queries that users may have. 

Moderators usually earn a commission from the chat room owner based on the number of users in the room and the amount of time they spend in it.

2. By becoming a Camgirl/Camboy

The women who stream themselves while chatting with users on webcams are Camgirls. Same concept for Camboys. In return, they entertain Omegle users and get tips from those who love watching them. It is an exchange of money for time and private entertainment. 

One way cam girls generate revenue is by having attractive conversation partners. The camgirl can set their own time hours and work as much they want. They also provide paid video interactions that can be done remotely. The same goes for Camboy.

So, if you became a Camgirl/Camboy, you can set your own rate.

3. By Advertising

You can make hundreds of dollars if you promote ebooks and tutorials, courses, classes, and guides as an affiliate. 

Companies often pay high fees to social media influencers, YouTubers, and streamers to endorse their products. Using the Omegle platform, they can reach random people and promote the product.

4. By Selling Products

Creators and artists can use the Omegle platform to reach a new and enthusiastic audience. You can pitch your product to random users and ask them to buy it. So, if you have something worth selling on the local market, you can market it on Omegle. 

There is a high chance that you can receive orders from buyers or purchase your product from your usual stores. 

Selling products can be a great way to generate income for your company. By planning and marketing your product properly, you can increase your chances of success and generate a good return on investment. Still, it is essential to do your research beforehand to ensure that you are selling a product that people want.

People want to know how to grow their audience and earn money. If you have a unique skill, use Omegle and find potential customers and new subscribers.

5. Posting videos on Youtube

Do you want to be a YouTuber? If yes, then you know Omegle-related videos earn thousands of subscribers, views, and likes daily. You can do the same. 

Video chat with strangers on Omegle and record the video. Make your content as entertaining as possible and upload it to your channel. These types of videos go viral faster than a bullet train and start earning money from YouTube.

6. Twitch Streaming

If you are a twitch streamer, then this one is for you. Chat with strangers using Omegle on your live stream. Entertain your viewers with funny video chatting, pranks on random people, and more. Make your stream entertaining and earn donations from viewers.

7. By Donation 

You can make the most money on Omegle by asking for donations. Use this platform to showcase your skill, such as singing, dancing, picking up lines, and playing instruments. In return for showing your talents, ask the viewers for donations. 

It isn’t an actual donation; it’s just a charge to see your talent. Send the users your PayPal account where they can send you money using their credit cards.

8. Give training

Omegle can be your go-to place to find students to train. If you are an expert in any field, connect with strangers on Omegle and ask if they need training.

For example, a singer can make money by finding people interested in getting training in singing. In return, the singers can get paid. You can also earn passive income by teaching someone interested in learning a subject from you. 

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How much can you earn in Omegle?

Some users can earn $1000 daily, while others don’t earn anything at all. Ultimately, your earnings depend on how you are using Omegle to make money. 

If you sell products, your profit will be based on how many items you sell. If you make Omegle youtube videos, your earnings will be based on likes and views.

There is no exact answer about how much one can earn in Omegle. There are no documented reports.

How much does the Average Omegle user make?

Most Omegle users use this free application only for entertainment purposes. On this platform, average users only join to chat with strangers. They have no intention of earning money here.

So, if you want to know the income of the Average Omegle user, then the answer is Zero.

Why Do People Use Omegle?

Since the platform allows users to make conversations with strangers online without sharing personal details, it has become a popular spot among people.

Omegle pairs any random users identified as “You” and “Stranger” in chat set-ups. Conversations are always initiated with a request for the person’s age, sex, and location – ASL. 

The following are the main reason behind people using Omegle.

  • To Socialize with People

With Omegle, users can talk to strangers without revealing personal information. People who aren’t able to interact with others face-to-face may find this a useful way to socialize and possibly make new friends online. Further, they may feel more comfortable and can talk with strangers through Omegle.

  • For entertainment

Like other social media applications, people use the Omegle site for pleasure. When they’re tired after a long workday, they have a quick chat with a random person on the site and find it uplifting.

  • Video Chat

The second most exciting people that attracts people’s interest is the Video Chat function. Webcams and microphones are necessary for video chatting. Users can start video calling with a single tap on “Video Chat” and have a video chat online. 

You can exit the video call and come out of the chat room by clicking on the “END” button. The exciting thing about Omegle, which makes it different from other video chat apps, is that the probability of connecting with the same person equals 0.5%. So, there is no tension.

  • Unmoderated mode

The unmoderated mode gives you the opportunity for an unmonitored chat with strangers. So, the people who want to have sex chats without being monitored use unmoderated mode. Pornographic content is available in the adult and unmoderated sections of Omegle. 

  • Anonymity

Another main attraction of adults and teenagers towards Omegle is Anonymity.  Users of any age group can use this website without feeling shy, being judged on their physical appearance, etc.

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How Does Omegle Generate Revenue?

Affiliate marketing and advertising are Omegle’s two main income streams. Omegle’s revenue from these sources is not disclosed because Omegle is not a public company.

However, Omegle monetizes a large part of its website by selling advertisements. There are always new ads and trending products available on the website. 

  • Advertising

By selling advertising space on a website, sites like Omegle can monetize their free services. Though large companies do not allow their advertising on the Omegle site because of its adult content, some companies and brands don’t mind advertising their product.

As Omegle has no own advertising network, it displays advertisements on banners on its website, which generate most of Omegle’s advertising revenue. 

Users who open the site without an ad blocker will see the advertisements come up throughout their experience. It is because Omegle sells ad space.

It is most likely a paid advertisement, but there are usually two ways to pay for it.

Firstly, advertisers might pay to appear on the website. The most common form of this is banner advertising. 

Ads are displayed in prominent places, so many users will see them. The model typically charges according to the number of people who view the advertisement.

The next one is pay-per-click advertising. A click on the advertisement leads you to a website where you can make a purchase. A company only pays when a user clicks on an ad.

In both cases, Omegle’s ads likely make up a large part of their revenue.

  • Affiliate Marketing

The company also makes money through affiliate marketing. That means Omegle earns a commission by clicking on the links when someone purchases products and services.

Mainly it makes money by getting referral fees or paid commissions for transferring customers to adult webcam sites.

For instance: if Omegle displays links on their website that teenagers are interested in, they will click on that link. And in return, the company will get paid.

  • Selling Data

Since there are millions of users on Omegle, it generates a lot of data. Further, if the company sells those data, it can pull a lot of extra cash.

Though selling users’ data is not good practice, it is common in the tech industry. The company sells data to other tech companies or brokers and generates the money.

Omegle doesn’t claim to sell users’ data, but the user agreement reserves the right for the company. Therefore, the company can sell the data to others whenever they want.

As Omegle’s limited advertising, affiliate marketing, and donation links are not present, it likely sells data to generate revenue.


Omegle is a simple website that is easy to use for talking to strangers. One can earn money on Omegle by asking for donations, selling products, answering questions, becoming a moderator, and so on.  

Everyone has a method to make money on Omegle, so find the one that best suits your interest and start making and saving money!

However,  at the end of the day, the money you earn will depend on the other Omegle users.


How much is the Net Worth of Omegle?

The estimated net worth of Omegle is $504 million.

How Much Money Does Omegle Website Make?

Due to Omegle’s private ownership, it is impossible to determine how much revenue the company generates. However, based on the Worth of Web Rank assumption, it generates $46,017 in revenue per day.
$1,380,510- Revenue per month
$16,566,120 – Revenue per year 

 However, in reality, Omegle makes a lot of extra money.

Do Omegle’s apps work on Android and iOS?

Unfortunately, No. Omegle does not have an app. However,  people can access it using Safari, Google Chrome, Safari, Brave, Firefox, Edge, and other web browsers on mobile and computers.

Omegle has imitation applications like ‘Chat for Omegle,’ ‘Free Omegle Chat,’ and ‘Omeglers’ exist.

Is Omegle a Publicly Traded Company?

No, Omegle is a privately held company and does not publicly disclose information about its financials, web traffic, or other metrics.

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