How to Remove Payment Method from Lyft Easily in 2023?

how to remove payment method from lyft

Lyft is one of the most used ride-sharing applications in the US and Canada. You can call it a one-stop solution for renting, hiring, ride-sharing, scheduling rides, and more, accessible through mobile apps (android and iOS) and the web.

Despite its awesome services, professional drivers, from cheap to luxury rides, and other commute features, many customers face payment-related problems while using the mobile application. The one that stands out is ‘how to remove payment method from Lyft.’

This article intends to help all those people facing problems with the deletion of debit/credit cards/payment methods from Lyft.

If you are one of those people, stick to the end to uncover the solution to your problems.

We assume you already know how to add payment cards/methods to your Lyft account. If not, the video content below will help you do so within a few minutes.

Let us start with some basics that will help us later.

Lyft Payment Methods

Let us make it clear. You cannot book a Lyft ride without adding a payment method to your Lyft account, and the company (Lyft) is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliant.

Lyft offers diverse payment methods for its riders or customers as it collaborates with different credit and debit card companies like Mastercard®, American Express, Discover, and Visa.

Riders can also opt for other prepaid cards and other digital payment methods such as PayPal, ApplePay, Venmo, and Google Pay.

how to remove payment method from lyft

Lyft also allows users to link their bank checking accounts within selected cities. Every passenger must know that despite digital payment methods, they must maintain or hold a valid credit/debit card on file.

Lyft gift card is a unique payment method. Unfortunately, cash payment isn’t an option for the ride. You can only use cash to add funds to a user’s Lyft Cash stored balance.

Lyft has an automated system that informs customers of their low balance and urges them to recharge to book rides. The app also can track the debit or credit card expiry dates and notify users.

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How to remove payment method from Lyft in Android & IOS?

The question users should be asking themselves first is why they can’t remove payment method on Lyft, and only then how to remove payment method from Lyft.

Many users have faced problems removing their payment methods from the application or their Lyft account. This problem arises (only) because the riders/customers do not know that users cannot delete their default payment method.

It means if you (referred to as a customer) have linked a single payment method with your Lyft account, you cannot remove it since that card or payment method becomes your default payment method.

We repeat: Linking a debit or a credit card is a must, even if you link other digital payment methods to your Lyft account.

In order to delete or remove payment method from Lyft, you should at least link 🔗 two or more cards (payment methods), which gives you an option to default your alternative card so that you can remove your preferred card (payment methods) from the Lyft account.

Now that we know the reason and solution for removing the payment method from Lyft, let us go through the stepwise process of deleting a payment method on Lyft.

Below are the steps on how to remove payment method from Lyft in android and IOS:

1. Open the Lyft application on your device( IOS or Android)

2. Click on the ‘menu’ – the three lines on the top-left corner of your device screen.

3. Choose ‘payment’ from the drop-down menu.

4. If the payment method you want to remove is set as default (assuming it is a personal account), click on ‘personal’ under Payment defaults.

5. Set an alternative card/payment method as default by clicking/tapping on it.


6. Once the default is changed, go back a step and click on the card/payment method you want to remove.

7. The app goes to the next screen with a prompt asking if you want to delete the card and a delete button. Click on the ‘delete’ button.

8. It reconfirms your decision with a pop-up asking if you want to delete the card. Click on ‘delete card.’

9. The selected card will be deleted from the payment methods leaving the rest there.

Reminder: You can only remove non-default payment methods on Lyft.

We hope the steps above helped you remove payment method from Lyft.

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Necessary Information Concerning Lyft Payments

As a user/rider, you should have adequate information concerning Lyft payments, making your user experience seamless with fewer operational problems. Lyft automates a lot of functionalities to eliminate manual processes helping customers simplify their tasks.

Some of the noteworthy ones are as follows:

  1. Users cannot book a Lyft ride without setting up a payment method – at least a credit/debit card.
  2. Users must set up a card on the file even if they are willing to pay via digital payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.
  3. Users get in-app notifications concerning payment alteration if their cards on file have expired or are due to expire. A valid/active card is a must to use booking features.
  4. The app offers two different profiles to segregate your private and professional life while using Lyft through a ‘personal’ and ‘business’ profile.
  5. You have the right to alter your payment plans as you feel like on both of your profiles to meet your private and business requirements.
  6. Lyft offers a separate feature to track your payment details under ‘payment history’ for your convenience.
  7. Lyft doesn’t allow cash payments for ridesharing, renting, and booking; all transactions are processed using a credit card linked to your bank account.
  8. You can tip the drivers from within the application at your convenience – immediate tip or later on.
    Ridesharing fees can be in the form of Lyft gift cards, valued as Lyft cash, and drivers can redeem those cards for money.
  9. The default debit/credit card (payment method) will remain linked to your Lyft account for eternity. The Lyft database maintains the record file, even if you delete your Lyft account.
  10. You can deactivate your debit/credit card if you wish to unlink your card from the Lyft account.
  11. In case of payment method alteration, if the charging remains incomplete due to failure, Lyft automatically charges your new default account without your instructions.

Conclusion: Lyft’s payment methods and complicacies

Lyft has its own privacy policies and user agreements which customers/users/riders consensually sign before becoming a part of it and enjoying its paid services.

It is up to the user to read all of it and sign or randomly agree to the terms and conditions. As these terms are legally justified, Lyft can restrict the deletion of default cards linked with the user Lyft accounts. It can keep all transactional data involving Lyft even after the deletion of the Lyft account.

Users can use an alternative card, link up with their Lyft account as the primary/ default payment account, and remove the preferred card from Lyft. Lyft’s policies mandate a compulsory payment card for booking and payments; else, it is no use creating a Lyft account.

Lyft wants to control all transactions through its end as much as possible, a reason you cannot use physical cash to pay for the Lyft services and completely unlink your card once linked. It has its pros and cons concerning users, but you cannot control that.

Deactivating your card linked with the Lyft account is the only way to unlink your private or business data from the company (Lyft).


1.    💲 When do you pay Lyft, before or after the ride?

Lyft doesn’t charge your account after each ride or before the ride; instead, it calculates the total rides per day and sends you an invoice in its regular invoice template or notification informing you about the charges incurred on that particular day. However, you get ride receipts after each ride. 

2.   💳 Can you create a Lyft account without a card?

Yes, you can create a Lyft account without a credit or debit card, but you cannot book any ride without setting up a payment method. If you try, the app urges you to set up a payment with a pop-up. 

3.    💵 Why Lyft cash instead of physical money?

Lyft claims that Lyft cash helps riders plan their budget easily and properly ahead of booking rides. It also eliminates the problem of payments and transaction fees that could be present using physical cash. 

4.    🤑 Can I tip Lyft drivers with physical cash?

You can tip Lyft drivers with physical cash, but Lyft encourages you to tip the drivers through the app. It claims that 100% of the tip goes to the driver. You can tip Lyft drivers with physical cash, but Lyft encourages you to tip the drivers through the app. It claims that 100% of the tip goes to the driver. 

5.    💳  Why can’t I delete my card from Lyft?

If you have linked your card with your Lyft account, it becomes your default payment method, which is mandatory for booking rides. You cannot delete the default card; to delete the specific card, you should add another card and make it default; only then can you delete the previous card.

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