Review: Easy Image to Text Conversion! Review Converting Images to Text with Ease

In the digital era today, visual media has become one of the most sought-after types of content. This content is so effective that 91% of consumers prefer visuals over written content. However, it has one drawback.

The text enclosed in images or videos cannot be selected or copied. This means that all this valuable data can only be consumed and not shared in the form of text. To overcome this limitation of visual content, Image to Text conversion tool are used. They can effectively extract text from images.

In this article, we have also selected one of these converters to provide you with a thorough understanding of its working and features. We are going to deeply analyze this tool named Image to Text and help you decide whether it converts images to text with ease or not.

What Can Image to Text Do?

To start off, we are going to talk about all the functions that this tool is able to perform. It is quite simple. Image to Text can scan an image, recognize all the text characters inside it, and convert them into a machine-readable format.

What Can Image to Text Do

By machine-readable, we mean editable or selectable. The text extracted from an image with the help of this tool can be selected and copied. In this way, you can use valuable text from images and use it.

The tool is accessible to everyone and can perform all the above-mentioned tasks for free.

How To Convert an Image into Text Using This Tool?

Using this tool is very simple and easier. There are no technicalities involved, and everyone can use this tool.

All you have to do basically is select and insert your image into the tool. But we are still going to take you through all steps for a comprehensive understanding.

First, you have to insert or upload your image. It can be done in 3 ways:

  • Drag and drop from your local storage
  • Copy an image and paste it into the input section
  • Click on Browse and select a file from your computer’s storage

How To Convert an Image into Text Using This Tool

After that, follow the steps given below:

  1. After uploading your image, click on the submit button given underneath the input box.

Image To Text Conversion Process

2. After a few moments, you will get your results in the form of selectable text.

3. Click on the copy to clipboard or download option to collect your results.

Image To Text Conversion Process

Key Features on

We will begin the review of this image to text tool by looking into some of its best features. These features are explained in the list given below.

1. Quality Conversion

One of the strong points of this image-to-text converter is the level of accuracy it provides. All the text from an image is extracted exactly how it is. By this, we mean that the capitalization and formatting patterns are preserved in the extracted text. This feature is not common among other tools of similar nature.

Quality Conversion

Additionally, this tool also has a feature to scan and extract text from low-quality images. This means that you don’t necessarily need crystal-clear images for this tool to work. Even old screenshots can be inserted into this tool, and it will work.

2. Bulk Image To Text Conversion

The most distinguishing feature of this tool is that it can perform image-to-text conversion on multiple files at once. In other words, you can insert bulk images into the tool, and it will give you separate results for each one of them at the same time.

In the premium package, users are allowed to upload 50 images at once. To test this, we purchased the premium plan and tried this feature. Here is how it looked:

Bulk Conversion

The results looked like this:

Bulk Images to Text Conversion

The list kept going.

This feature is especially useful when converting piles of documents into a digitalized format. This practice is being adopted by a number of different professional businesses. The goal is to go completely paperless. This goal has become easily achievable with the help of an online tool such as image to text converter.

3. Extensive File Format Support

You may already be aware that all images are not in the same format. There are various types of visual images, such as JPG, PNG, JIF, and whatnot. But you don’t have to worry about the format of your image because Image to Text supports them all.

You can insert an image of whatever format, and the tool will recognize it immediately. We have tried a number of different formats that are supported by this tool, and they all worked perfectly fine. Here is the list that this tool provides regarding format support:

Extensive File Format Support

4. Various Language Support

The algorithms of Image to Text are programmed in such a way that they can detect text from multiple languages. The tool is not restricted to just English but also supports complex languages such as Arabic and Japanese.

Multiple Language Support

You simply have to select the language from the dialog box given on the tool page, and the website will get translated into that language. Consequently, the tool will also become capable of extracting that language’s text characters from an image.

Pricing of the Premium Plan

We mentioned in the introduction of the tool that it is available for free. However, a premium plan for the tool also exists. It can be billed weekly, monthly, or annually. The complete details of this package are as follows:

Pricing of Image To Text Conversion Tool

As you can see in the above image, some of the tool’s features that we discussed in this article are only available to subscribed users. So, if you want to get the complete Image to Text experience, you will have to purchase this plan.

FAQs About Image to Text

People often have questions about this tool even after knowing about its working and pricing plans. The answers to some of these often-asked questions are given below:

1. Can Image to Text Detect Handwriting?

Yes, this image to text extractor can analyze and recognize and extract text from handwritten notes as well.

2. Does Image to Text work on Images that Aren’t Scanned?

Yes, it is not necessary to scan the image before inserting it into the tool. You can also input raw images into the tool and expect accurate extraction.

3. Can Image to Text Extract Data from PDFs?

Yes, the tool also provides a PDF to text converter. It can convert unalterable PDFs into editable text or Word files.


After a detailed analysis of the tool, we concluded that it could help you convert images to text with extreme ease. Everything from simple working to accurate conversion proves that Image to Text is a worthy text extractor. We experienced zero compatibility issues, and the website experience was also pretty smooth.

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly free online tool to convert a few images into text, then this tool is for you. Even with no former experience, you will be able to use this Image to text conversion tool without a problem.

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