Passive Income for Filmmakers: How Video Creators Can Make Money While Sleeping?

passive income for film makers

Many filmmakers fall victim to the freelancer’s trap: they learn a narrowly focused talent, excel at their trade, attract a large customer, but ultimately find themselves overworked.

As a result of being tied down to their client job day in and day out, they are ultimately unable to concentrate on their passion projects (such as original feature films or new company endeavors).

While some individuals spend their whole careers in this loop, each of us has the option of going in a different direction.

But there are so many ideas which you can use to generate income without giving so much time and effort. These ideas can help you to focus on your main work and also earn money side-by-side.

In this article, we explain how you may use passive income to become far less dependent on a single source of income in order to completely avoid this issue.

Creating methods that will eventually allow you to earn money while you sleep is not simple, but it is doable.

And once that objective is accomplished , you will have a limitless amount of freedom in how you spend your time.

We should all strive towards a position where we can spend more time being creative, working on the projects we want to work on, or coming up with new business ideas.

What is Passive Income?

A passive income is a  form of revenue stream that is unrelated to the daily effort you put in. Once you’ve put it up, money will start to flow in on its own. 

You should try it out since you have nothing to lose and it’s a terrific way to supplement your income.

In simple words, it’s money that you make while you’re sleeping. While reviewing things and posting the evaluations to social media sites is the most obvious option for vloggers to get passive money, doing so requires time that some individuals just don’t have.

10 Best Ideas to Make Passive Income for Video Creators in 2022

There is always a question that arises: “how to make money as a filmmaker?”. 

Here are some of the unique ideas of passive income for filmmakers and video creator:

Let’s see more in detail about the ways of earning passive income.

1. Earn Money by uploading Audio/Video Songs

The considerable number of musicians that produce their own movies and videos that we’ve encountered over the years has astounded us. It can happen out of need. It may be a pastime at times.

Sometimes they are also skilled musicians in addition to being video producers. In any event, think about sending your unique music tracks to a service that accepts royalty-free music, like Artlist. Often, you do not notice how much you can earn money by uploading songs.

Photographer and YouTuber Daniel Inskeep of Mango Street Photography was shocked to discover that the first year he sold just eight of the tracks he produced on Ableton Live under the identity Generation Lost on Artlist brought in approximately $13,000.

From streaming income on other websites like Spotify and Apple Music, he made an additional $300 every month. He was inspired to produce additional music as a result, and as of today, he has seven albums on the site that are available for licensing.

2. Stock Photos

A lot of photographers also make videos. If so, you have another opportunity to generate passive income.

Many considerations for stock video are similar to those for stock pictures (e.g., model releases, high quality, no famous buildings, etc.) Unsplash and Pexels provide free Creative Commons Zero images, which is the major obstacle to earning this income.

If they did not learn to adapt and create new ways to monetize their photography, many photographers who used to make a livelihood by just licensing photographs went out of business.

If you want to make money with your photography, you must offer images that are difficult to obtain from sites that give them for free. It’s unlikely that a picture of a stunning mountain range will bring in a lot of cash. 

However, you could have something that people would be ready to pay for if you utilized Photoshop to make the mountains appear to be on another planet. Consider doing photo sessions to create original pictures. Selling stock video photos can generate a substantial income for you.

3. Sound Effects

Moving pictures and sound are combined to make a film. One of the most difficult things to locate for projects involving movies has been high-quality royalty-free music for years.

A lot of various factors had to be taken into consideration while purchasing licenses, which ultimately increased the cost. This is precisely the void that was filled by a platform named Artlist.

You can contribute and get paid if you enjoy making digital music items. There are numerous other online sites outside Artlist where you can contribute and market your music.

4. Stock Video Footage

Stock Footage is something anybody can do and is especially good to do if you’ve been shooting for a long time and have a ton of raw footage piled up on hard-drives. Stock footage might not make you tons of money.

It of course varies from month to month based on how well your footage sold but it’s money that is coming into your bank account with you doing absolutely nothing. 

Also you can blend that with other revenue streams: then all of those combined can make you a good bit of extra income.

You can upload your stock footage on a website and never touch it again once you’ve done it at the beginning, all while earning money from it every month.

Now of course, the more stock footage you have uploaded and for sales the better your chances of making more and more money from it are.

You can keep adding footage to the site as time goes on and slowly build up the amount that you have on there.

You also can capture videos specifically for stock footage and people do that all the time. In that case just research what type of videos make for the stock footage and which ones sell the best.

There are a ton of places to upload and sell stock footage online but one of the best places to do it is a website called

The best part about selling stock footage is that it’s so easy to do: you upload your stock footage to a site, wait for it to get approved and that’s it.

Once your footage is live, people will be able to buy it and you can let it sit there and literally make money on your sleep.

5. Rent out your gear

There are tons of filmmakers who rent their gear when they aren’t using it. Say you spend $3,000 on a camera but there are 2 weeks this month that you aren’t using it.

What if you could rent that to someone for $500: that’s $500 in your pocket for absolutely no reason and you didn’t have to do anything.

What’s great about this is you don’t have to just give it to a friend or a rental company but there are actually websites  that you can sign up for and will 100% ensure your equipment for you. So it’s not like a back-alley deal. 

Sharegrid is one of the most popular places to do this. The equipment could actually pay for itself while you aren’t using it. 

6. Genesis Investing

It is really easy to invest in numerous crowdfunded, early stage start-ups with just a few hundred dollars from your 10% money if you take the time to research each business.

There is a fantastic website to learn about this process: Please understand that this is speculative investment, therefore we are not proposing that you deplete your savings. 

For example, a person can utilize funds from his 10% fund, he can invest in numerous of these each year without risk.

He is aware that the funds he is investing are those that he has set aside guilt-free. He NEVER makes withdrawals from his retirement or savings accounts.

But after your investment will start, it can turn out to be a terrific source of revenue, and you will not have to spend a lot of time learning it.

7. Publish E-Books

Everyone, including you, has specialized knowledge and expertise in various fields. This information is just taking space in your mind, much like a tenant who is residing there without paying rent. By sharing it, you may put that priceless information to use for yourself.

You can write an e-book about a topic related to filmmaking if you have expertise in it. Although it’s a digital adaptation of a physical book, anybody may publish and market it. Don’t imagine that writing an e-book requires extensive professional experience.

Even if you are unable to get employment as a filmmaker, you can still turn all of your knowledge and experience into an e-book that you can sell.

The best thing about e-books is that you can publish a number of them for sale, or use them in close collaboration with online courses.

8. Online Film making Courses

Making your own training videos is a fantastic method for generating passive money. When you are struggling to come up with new vlogging content each week and feel the need to use your camera, training videos are fantastic.

Make a video of yourself explaining a unique ability you could have that many others might find beneficial.

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Why not share your knowledge with others if you have just built your own vlogging studio? What if you have been handed down family recipes and want to teach others how to prepare these family meals? For individuals who enjoy instructing and being in front of the camera, the ideas are infinite.

While you may be able to sell these recorded videos online via a blogging platform, publishing this kind of material to YouTube and developing a subscriber base will eventually allow you to make passive revenue from advertising.

Remember that if you choose the YouTube approach, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and 1000 hours of channel views in order to begin receiving residual advertising income. But if you create compelling content that people desire to view, you can eventually start to see marketing residuals.

Furthermore, consider incorporating more product placements within your video content. Advertisers are willing to invest in seamlessly integrated advertisements and product placements within your videos. 

Moreover, YouTube allows to include links in the video description, which provides an excellent avenue for incorporating affiliate links. In some instances, you may also explore the option of selling your own exclusive merchandise. For instance, you can create custom t-shirts featuring unique designs and inside jokes related to your video content. The process is relatively straightforward: design the merchandise and partner with a dropshipping print-on-demand service that handles all other aspects, including production and direct shipping to your customers. And voilà, you’ve now established an additional passive income stream once your video is published.

9. Wedding videography

Many young couples are prepared to spend money to have a lovely video remembrance of what is portrayed as the happiest day of their lives. In reality, wedding videography costs $1,700 on average per gig in the US.

Because of this, as a videographer, you have the potential to make a respectable living by providing your videography services for weddings.

You can work your regular job during the week while improving your videography skills on the weekends because weddings commonly occur on weekends. Since you are in charge, you may decide how many or how few clients to accept.

10. Travel Videos

Imagine being able to travel to certain places of the world, creating amazing videos, and earn money doing it.

It is possible to do so.

You may further clarify that any resort, tourist destination, or venue needs video materials to showcase their goods and pull guests, just as the previously listed products or businesses who require video.


As a filmmaker, you have many options for making passive incomes. You just need to figure out which option is best for you and what you need to look after. You also need to have patience on the ideas that you are choosing to make money.

Also share if you have any ideas in the comments below.


Q1. Where can I post my videos and make money?

There are multiple platforms where you can post your videos like dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo. You also need to fulfill certain criterias that these platforms have to earn money from your videos.

Q2. How can I make money while I sleep?

You can make money by creating online courses on some topics, ebooks, blogging, webinars, etc. 

Q3. Do music videos make money?

Yes, music videos make money from various sources. Once it is uploaded on social platforms the income is then generated through the ads that the videos will get and sponsorships and other monetizing methods.

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