Pillow Fort Shark Tank Update: Where is it now?

Pillow Fort Shark Tank Update

Curious to know about the current status of the Pillow Fort, an out-of-the-box yet fascinating concept that aired in the 13th season, episode 18 of Shark Tank? Well, you are in the right place.

We have crafted everything you need to know about Pillow Fort Shark Tank Update after pitching to sharks. Fasten your seatbelts for an exhilarating journey to find out what you seek. 

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P.S. The basics of the Pillow Fort are for our readers who have not seen the very Shark Tank episode.  

An Overview of Pillow Fort 👩 💻

Company Name FORT
Website https://getthefort.com/
Episode Season 13, Episode 18
Product Offering Magnetic pillow fort cushions
Founded 2020
Founder Conor B. Lewis
Required Investment $500,000 For 10% Equity
Closing Deal No Deal
Shark No Shark
Current Business Status In Business

What is Pillow Fort?

The Pillow Fort is a magnetic pillow toy, created in 2020 by Conor B. Lewis and pitched in the Shark Tank in April 2022.

The company manufactures pillow toys using magnets, foam, and fabric, assuring high-quality materials and safety.

Photo Credit: The Cinemaholic

These magnetic pillows are so light and compact that the children can shape them into various designs and play with them to their heart’s content without parental supervision.

Who founded Pillow Fort?

Conor B. Lewis founded the Fort in St. Louis, from Missouri. He had a simple goal: to create a finer pillow fort.

He shared his journey from working on revitalizing downtown Alton, Illinois, losing his job during the pandemic and not knowing what to do next, and landing on launching Fort during the pandemic on the brand’s website.

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How does Pillow Fort work?

The Pillow Fort website (GettheFort) claims, “They are strong, but not too strong.” The magnets are custom-made to keep the building up so kids can crawl inside but not too strong so children can easily manipulate them.

However, keeping in mind that children’s bodies are extremely sensitive, no harmful chemicals have been used in the production of this product.

This Fort has 12 foam pieces: two squares, four rectangles, two triangles, two half-moons, and two arches.

Using these pieces, your children can design a house, couch, ramp, story nook, jumping pad, slide, fun, heart house, and so on.

It is easily transportable and easy to store. Aside from that, safety features such as heavy elements, torque, tension, impact, drop test, and so on have been meticulously considered.

These pillow forts are filled with solid neodymium magnets to hold everything together.

The fact that the Fort is waterproof and easy to clean has to be its best feature. The Fort’s foam is covered with soft yet sturdy polyurethane leather that is waterproof, addressing the cleaning challenges adults face in keeping their children’s toys safe and sanitary.

You can remove all stains and dirt with just water and mild soap. The good times don’t stop here.

Aside from a pillow fort, you can transform the Fort kit into a couch or a relaxing reading nook using your imagination and creativity. The opportunities are endless!

Pillow Fort before the shark tank

Conor B. Lewis launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to expand his product and raise funds, earning $3,107,079.

They began shipping their product in August 2021. Initially, he had supply chain issues, but he figured out the solution using his marketing skills and experience from previous jobs.

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The Pitch of Pillow Fort in the Shark Tank

Conor B. Lewis could not impress any of the Sharks with his pillow fort pitch. He had come up with the concept for Pillow Fort after assisting his daughter in making a pillow fort in their living room.

Simply the concept for Pillow Fort was to avoid cleaning and save money on costly couch cushions.

Conor claimed to have sold $2 million in ten hours after a successful Kickstarter campaign. On the other hand, his high product costs and shipping issues have nearly driven him out of business.

Cornor Dewis with Pillow Fort

The sharks saw major flaws in the way the company was working. Furthermore, the $500 price tag for the product was prohibitively expensive for most sharks.

Moreover, customers had not yet received their Kickstarter orders, so it was difficult to determine how well the product would perform.

Kevin O’Leary was the first to leave, citing several business issues. Mark Cuban exited next. Conor would survive, he said, but he was also a great example of what not to do as a business owner.

Shark visitor Emma Grede went out because she didn’t believe the business had been proven yet. Lori Greiner trailed behind because she didn’t think she had anything to add.

This left Robert Herjavec, who stated he was attempting to persuade himself to invest. He eventually went out.

Ultimately, Pillow Fort could not lure the sharks and was left with no deal.

What happened to Pillow Fort after the shark tank?

The Shark Tank show gave Fort free marketing worldwide, and people liked the product’s uniqueness.

Like any other startup that came to Shark Tank for funding and did not receive funding from this show, pillow fort was eligible for success. As a result, people undoubtedly order pillow fort products.

Its sales rate increased by four times after the show Shark Tank. Many parents have begun to order this product for their children.

However, Pillow Fort is still experiencing supply and shipping issues. Despite the technical issues, like orders being backlogged on their website for at least three weeks, they are still taking orders.

Pillow Fort has been doing well after the shark tank and surpassing Conor’s expectations.

The company has expanded its production with new designs and color combinations, and it also added more recent editions in addition to teal and black. You can get your FORT in purple, green, light blue, brown, beige, and yellow.

At the moment, Pillow Fort is available in a variety of vibrant colors and sets of 12 cushions for $499.

Furthermore, it also provides different accessories such as lights, blankets, suede covers, and carrying straps that range between $15 to $67.

However, the product is only available on Fort’s website and ships within 3 to 4 weeks of placing an order.

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Where is Pillow Fort now after Shark Tank?

Regarding the Pillow Fort Shark Tank Update, 2022 is doing exceptionally well. The startup founder has successfully grown his business and is now collaborating with another company to raise funds for his product.

Pillow Fort also made a good amount of money by selling its products online through various eCommerce websites. By August 2021, he had earned more than $3,000,000.

Following the Shark Tank episode, the company grew fourfold and generated approximately $1 million in sales. Furthermore, he had already established a supply chain for his product.

The Fort has grown enormously in such a short period. For the time being, the founder wishes to concentrate solely on the marking.

Pillow Fort Net worth

Pillow Fort’s net worth in 2022 depends on its current valuations considering its investment value of $5 million.

If this startup continues to grow at this rate, it has the potential to become a very large startup in its category in the near future.


At the moment, Pillow Fort is available in a variety of vibrant colors and in sets of 12 cushions for $499.

Furthermore, it also provides different accessories such as lights, blankets, suede covers, and carrying straps that range between $15 to $67.

However, the product is only available on Fort’s website and ships within 3 to 4 weeks of placing an order.

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Conclusion: Is Pillow Fort still in business?

Pillow forts are entertaining and have the potential to bloom in the future if it keeps innovating their ideas and uses proper marketing channels. The company’s niche is unique, and they have everlasting customers, children & parents. They need to build upon that with creative ideas and promotional content.

The Pillow Fort had been running for two years before 2022 and was still doing well. Shark Tank gave it a platform and free limelight marketing it deserved and is getting the best out of it to date.

However, this product is unavailable on online marketplaces such as Amazon, and consumers must go to its official website to purchase it. This is all on Pillow Fort Shark Tank Update; for now, we shall keep you updated with the Pillow Fort’s progress. 

💲 Where to Buy Pillow Fort?

You can buy Pillow Fort from the official website (Getthefort.com), and it will be shipped within 3 to 4 weeks of placing an order.

💰 What is the Pillow Fort Net Worth?

Pillow Fort’s net worth in 2022 is $5 million on its current valuations considering its investment.

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