PRO NRG Shark Tank Update: What’s its net worth & how is it doing?

PRO NRG Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank season 4 episode 6 featured Tania Patruno and former NBA superstar Brandon Jacobs. Tania pitched PRO NRG as a protein-based energy drink that is excellent for heart health. 

Several reports have circulated recently about the company’s net worth and how it is doing.

So let’s check out PRO NRG’s latest update,  net worth, and business performance in 2022.

An Overview of PRO NRG πŸ‘© πŸ’»

Product NamePRO NRG
Founder Tania Patruono
EpisodeSeason 4, Episode 6
Required Investment$250K for 15% equity
Final Deal$250K for 30% equity
SharkDaymond John
Current Business StatusOut of Business

What is PRO NRG?

Pro-NRG is the vitamin water flavored protein drink marketed as “steak in bottles” It’s made from real fruit juice and has 20 plus grams of protein in a bottle. This drink is an excellent alternative to sugary sodas and other fillers, such as Gatorade, which uses artificial flavoring. 

Pro-NRG is entirely natural, so it’s healthier for you and is excellent for your children and during or after a workout routine! That’s because it’s a low-calorie and low-sugar beverage that you can enjoy while still getting the nutrients and nutrients you need!

There are no artificial ingredients in Pro-NRG. It’s made with natural ingredients and a refreshing beverage perfect for you and your whole family.

It’s a great alternative to sugary drinks and sour sodas that makes you feel better about what you’re putting into your body.

Who is the founder of PRO NRG?

Tania Patruno founded ProNRG. Before entrepreneurship, Tania was a law lawyer. She received her Masters in Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida. 

In her first year as CEO of Pro NRG, her company lasted for several years before going bankrupt. In her profile on LinkedIn, she is still credited with creating ProNRG. 

She conceived the idea of creating an original item to impact society positively. The investment was made in a campaign aimed toward Pro NRG. Initially, it was successfully launched and distributed on the marketplace. 

However, the document hasn’t yet reflected her current job.

PRO NRG Before Shark Tank Pitch

Tania Patruno is an innovative entrepreneur from New Jersey who always comes up with new ideas, and she loves turning her vision into a reality. 

Most of the time, she kept these ideas to herself, assuming no one would be interested in them. But she pursued one idea because she saw its potential for world-changing impact.

This led her to invent a healing drink called Pro NRG. Tania wanted something unique that could make a difference in the world, and she invested $75,000 into the growth of her product.

When Pro NRG hit the shelves in New York, it sold like hotcakes. The product was a big success, with 3,000 stores taking it off the shelves. Being able to accomplish all of this in 90 days was quite a feat.

The product was endorsed by NFL star Brandon Jacobs. Within a few weeks, ABC Sports, NBC Sportstalk, and Good Day New York showcased the product on their programs.

The company has sold an estimated $136,000 Pro NRG product, demonstrating the concept’s viability.

Tania knew that she needed to make changes within her company when employee disputes began erupting. The corporation struggled to pay for production expenses and sponsorship fees, and Brandon Jacobs’ endorsement cost them a lot of money. 

It was clear that Tania needed to seek investment from outside sources to keep her business afloat.

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What was the Shark Tank Pitch for PRO NRG?

Featured on episode 6 of Shark Tank season 4, Tania Patruno and Brandon Jacobs, former NFL players, came to the Shark Tank with PRO-NRG. In exchange for $250,000 and a 15% stake in the company, the duo pitched PRO NRG.

Tania did most of the talking, introducing PRO-NRG as an all-natural and delicious protein-based energy drink. She went on to list some of its benefits, such as being free of caffeine, sugars, and fats.

Brandon explained that he had gotten to his current level of success by playing the game with an incredibly high level of intensity. He said that this was only possible with the help of PRO-NRG.

Out of the five sharks, only one – Daymond John – decided to invest in the company. The other four sharks backed out from investing for various reasons. 

  • Barbara Corcoran appreciated them and their work, but she was ultimately unsatisfied with the product’s clarity and packaging. She didn’t think they were utilizing the branding portion well. So, she was out. 
  • Kevin O’Leary pointed out that distributors make more money as they sell to distributors at a low price, whereas customers pay approximately double.

As an investor, you might wonder why the distributors make more money off the product than the person pitching it to you. That was something all the Sharks were concerned about when it came to evaluating a potential investment.

  • While Mark Cuban believes that eventually, a product like PRO NRG will be easily copied by other companies, this is not something he wants. Therefore, he was out.
  • Robert Herjavec initially was disguised by the protein energy drink taste as it was his first protein drink. But, later, he was amazed by the distribution of the product and appreciated Tania as the best salesperson. However, he didn’t want to compete in the energy drink space. So, eventually, he was out. 

Finally, Daymond makes an offer for the $250k, but he wants 30% of the business contingent on a protein supplement company he already partners with (BadASS) that includes the PRO-NRG brand.

In the end, Tania had no choice but to accept Daymond’s offer. 

What Happened to PRO NRG After Shark Tank Update? πŸ†• 

Shortly after appearing on Shark Tank, Tania and her husband Eddy encountered Hurricane Sandy. During the storm, a boat was demolished in their yard, causing significant damage to their home. 

Later on, Daymond helped Tania with getting the product out there to the national market before the presentation. They also negotiated additional deals to ensure that the product would be distributed nationally.

During an event to launch their product in October 2013, the new Protein drink was renamed “PRO-NRG Protein Water.” Daymond John announced it would be available at all Walgreens outlets nationwide.

In July 2014, Joshua Fenwick, a core creator of PRO-NRG, filed a lawsuit against Eddie Dukhman, Helen Korosh, Tania Patruno, Brandon Jacobs, Joseph Rasa, BRAYDEN ENTERPRISES, LLC, and SANTE PUR SOLUTIONS, LLC. 

He claimed that the parties had coerced him out of business and that they had misappropriated his PRO products and trademarks. 

The case was dismissed afterward, but the company ceased to operate. As a result, PRO-NRG suffered a death blow, and it has been off the market since it couldn’t recover.

PRO NRG Net Worth 2022 πŸ“ˆ

When PRO NRG appeared on Shark Tank, the company was valued at nearly $1 million. Before appearing on the show, the company generated $136,000 in revenue.

In 2013, it was announced that PRO NRG would be available at all Walgreens outlets nationwide after Daymond John invested in the company. This would have increased the company’s valuation, and its net worth could have been estimated. 

However, the company went out of business in 2014, so it is impossible to estimate the net worth of PRO NRG in 2022.

Is PRO NRG still in business? 

PRO-NRG has unfortunately closed its doors and is no longer in business. Joshua Fenwick, the co-creator, sued his former business partners Tania Patruno and publicist Brandon Jacobs for trademark infringement and breach of contract.

Currently, PRO-NRG does not have an active social media account or operate any website. 


What is the PRO NRG Net worth? πŸ’²

PRO NRG generated $136,000 in revenue and was valued at nearly $1 million before going out of business in 2014.

What’s the PRO NRG Shark Tank Update? πŸ€”

PRO-NRG, after Shark tank, closed its doors and is no longer in business due to allegations of trademark infringement and breach of contract in 2014.

How can you get PRO NRG? πŸ₯«

The NRG drink is no longer available in stores or on websites. However, you can still get other drinks, such as Bang Keto and Boost, similar to it, instead of waiting for a comeback from PRO!

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