Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pictures Online

pros and cons of selling feet picture

The internet has opened up a world of crazy possibilities for people to do business. Among the craziness, selling foot photos online is one of the most out-of-the-ordinary business options in recent years.

Yes, you read correctly – you can earn a profitable amount of money!

It sounds crazy, but it’s true. 

You can make good money by taking pictures of your feet, as there is a high demand for images of your feet. If you have attractive feet and are willing to take pictures of them, you can find a great deal of success.

However, it’s also true there’s an unpleasant side to positives as well.

So, in this article, we’re going to explore the pros and cons of selling feet pictures online for your business. Additionally, we will give you tips on how to begin this highly profitable business.

What is the Feet Pictures Selling Business?

Foot Pictures Selling is a type of business in which individuals sell photos of their feet as a form of advertisement. Foot lovers, foot model agencies, artists, and publishers can purchase the photographs in a variety of different ways if they are interested in purchasing them.

This can be done through many online markets, such as Etsy and Instagram, and many other websites and applications.

People interested in buying feet pictures often browse through the different options and choose the one they like the most. The price of these pictures varies depending on several factors, such as the quality of images and the number of pictures sold.

Pros of Selling Feet Pictures Online

1. Make Money

Selling photographs of feet on the internet can be a fruitful growing business. You have the potential to make a significant amount of money if you have a large number of followers and can sell photographs of good quality.

To do this, you will need a high-quality camera or smartphone with internet access. You can take stunning pictures of your feet with your camera and then sell them for a reasonable price on the internet.

2. Be creative

The idea of selling feet images online is a wonderful way to express your creativity. Using a variety of concepts and postures can give your pictures a unique look. It’s enjoyable and provokes creativity.

3. Easy to do

Selling feet pictures is a pretty simple internet business to start when compared to other sorts of online businesses. No specialized knowledge or equipment is required.

You only need a decent camera and a nice pair of feet. You are free to work at any time that suits you. You can select your times so that they are most convenient for you.

4. Massive demand in the fetish business

A study conducted by Justin Lehmiller for his book “Tell Me What You Want” indicated one out of seven people has a fascination with feet. Images of feet tend to be quite erotic and sensual. 

Everyone can feel the excitement that comes from the unexpected appearance of these images, which is why they are so popular.

The result has been excellent as more people are now interested in purchasing photographs of feet. The majority of prospective buyers of foot pictures are foot fetishists willing to spend a significant amount of money on the hobby.

5. Less or No Investment Needed

This information may be a surprise to you, but the fact is that there is hardly any initial investment required to get started making money by selling photographs of feet on the internet.

People who want to launch a startup but lack funding may find this approach suitable. The only investment this startup requires is a high-quality camera, the ability to edit pictures, and access to the internet.

Cons of Selling Feet Pictures Online 

1. Scam Clients

There are often different kinds of customers, some good, some bad. Bad customers are most commonly scam clients, which poses one of the biggest dangers.

These are individuals who may contact you with the intention of paying for your photos, but then never actually follow through with the transaction. This can leave you out of pocket and feeling frustrated.

Moreover, Scammers may take your images and then distribute them on social networks, matching applications, or advertisements for other websites. 

So, you need to be alert and secure your image by adding watermarks to prevent it from being stolen.

2. Not a Respectable Job

It is not a reputable profession to sell pictures of feet online. A foot fetish may not be sustainable if the fetishist becomes interested in another body part. 

Since everyone has their own opinion, it’s possible that your loved ones won’t approve of your decisions. It might not be the job you want to share with your family and friends.

Selling pictures of your feet on the internet might be embarrassing if you’re not careful. Once your photos are public, you can no longer choose who sees them or how they’re used. 

There are a significant number of content creators on the internet who do not create their unique works. People who do this sometimes don’t provide proper credit to the original creator of the images they use.

People prefer to steal the photos of others, especially those of their feet because the individual’s face and other body parts are hidden in foot photos.

4. Online bullying

It is the issue that comes up the majority of the time in both the real world and the internet’s virtual world. When you go online, you put yourself at risk of being harassed and bullied by other people.

In addition, there is a possibility that certain people will not like the images that you share and will remark negatively about your feet.

Some people may harass you and make threats against you if they find any information that could lead to your identification. Some repeat customers may demand a meeting in person, which could put you in serious trouble.

5. Uncontrollable Photos

If you decide to sell your feet photos, you should be aware that you will lose some control over their ultimate use.

If someone buys one of your photos and likes it, they can do whatever they want with it, including posting it online or printing it out to hang as wall art.

Some people may feel uncomfortable if their pictures are displayed without permission. It may not be your best job choice if you are concerned about this.

6. Anonymous users earn less

Foot sellers that choose to remain anonymous are typically considered the second alternative. But their earnings are lower than those of better-known sellers.

Customers who know they are dealing with a genuine seller of feet photos are more likely to make a purchase. Clients can verify the authenticity of sellers by checking them out on various social networking platforms.

7. Buyer demands can be difficult

It may be challenging for you to meet the expectations of your customers. People’s feet are fascinating, and if you sell pictures of them, you’ll meet all different types of fascinating people.

Some clients are far more difficult than average to satisfy, and you can’t possibly meet every demand and expectation of your customers. A small percentage of the population may have an annoying obsession with feet and ask inappropriate questions about them.

How to Sell Feet Pics Online Safely in 2022?

Knowing the pros and cons, you might want to start selling feet pictures online, but the downside might scare you off. 

Don’t worry; we are here to assist you in any way possible.

If you want to sell images of your feet and increase your earnings, follow the steps below.

  1. Treat your feet with affectionate care.
  2. Take professional pictures of your feet and edit photos of your feet.
  3. Select a genuine site for selling foot photographs.
  4. Create an account on the preferred website and upload images of your feet for sale.
  5. Set your pricing range and configure a payment method
  6. Share photos on other social media networks to reach more customers.
  7. Most importantly, stay away from scammers.

6 best platforms for selling feet pictures

1. FeetFinder

FeetFinder is a leading platform for selling feet pictures, known for its user-friendly interface, secure payment options, and a large community of buyers and sellers. The platform offers some of the best features for individuals looking to monetize their feet photos, including a hassle-free uploading process, easy communication with buyers, and a safe and secure environment for transactions. With a growing audience of foot fetish enthusiasts and a commitment to providing top-notch service, FeetFinder is quickly becoming one of the best places to sell feet pictures online.


Steps to sell feet pictures on FeetFinder:

To sell feet pictures on FeetFinder, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create an account: Sign up for a FeetFinder account by providing your email address, username, and password.

  2. Upload your photos: Once you have an account, you can upload your feet pictures to the platform. Make sure that the photos meet the platform’s guidelines and standards.

  3. Set a price: Choose a fair price for each of your photos, taking into account the quality of the images, the demand for similar content, and your own time and effort.

  4. Wait for approval: Your photos will be reviewed by the FeetFinder team to ensure they meet the platform’s standards.

  5. Start selling: Once your photos are approved, they will be live on the platform, and you can start receiving offers from buyers.

  6. Communicate with buyers: Use the platform’s messaging system to communicate with potential buyers and answer any questions they may have.

  7. Get paid: When a buyer purchases one of your photos, you will receive payment via the payment method you have chosen.

By following these steps, you can successfully sell your feet pictures on FeetFinder and start earning money from your content.

2. Etsy

Etsy is a website where users can sell handmade or vintage items and other digital products. It’s a great platform to sell feet pictures on Etsy, and it’s a popular site for artists and other people to sell their products.

Steps to sell feet pictures on Etsy:

  1. Create an account and set up your shop.
  2. Add your bank account details.
  3. Takes some pictures of your feet and upload them.
  4. Create a listing for your pictures.
  5.  Each picture should include a title description.
  6.  Set your pricing

3. Foap

Foap is a website that allows users to earn revenue by selling pictures. Foap provides an opportunity for highly engaging content with customers, and you can also sell your feet pictures on foap. 

In foap, you can make only 50% of your price, and the remaining 50 % of the selling price will be taken by foap. Foap photos, on average, cost $10 each, meaning you’ll get only $5 in your pocket.

Steps to sell feet pictures on Foap

  1. Go to the Foap website
  2. Create an account and provide basic information.
  3. Research about other competitors.
  4. Click high-quality feet pictures and edit them well
  5. Upload those photos to the website.
  6. Price is already mentioned by foap, i.e., $10, and you will get $5 from each image.

4. Tiktok

Tiktok has been the most trending application in recent years. Tiktok can be the best place for you to sell feet pictures and earn more money. 

There are millions of daily users, which means that you might find many users who might appreciate the photographs you’ve posted of your feet and buy them.

You can utilize a variety of popular hashtags that are currently trending that are related to photographs of feet, such as #footfetish, #feetpics, #footmodel, and so on. It might help you reach a more extensive audience and establish connections with potential customers.

Steps to sell feet pictures on Tiktok

  1. Find out what foot lovers are into and focus on your feet pictures.
  1. Learn as much as you can about your competitors.
  1. To reach out to more people, use popular hashtags connected to foot pictures.
  1. Share your pictures on other social media sites.
  1. Choose an appropriate time to publish your videos.

5. Feetify

Feetify is a website that is completely dedicated to the purchasing and selling of pictures of feet. 

You should start by creating a profile, and you should make that profile as attractive as possible to attract new buyers.

Buyers engage in feetify by going to the website and searching for profiles that attract their interest.

Steps to sell feet pictures on Feetify

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Select the “Sign up” button to register as a content creator.
  3. Upload some foot-related images and set some rates.
  4. Please feel free to share images of your feet with the group.

6. Instagram

Instagram is a popular platform for selling various products and services. And it’s also become a popular platform to sell feet pictures.

If you are considering selling feet pictures on Instagram, here are a few things to remember.

You can use hashtags to reach a large of group audience. Use popular hashtags related to feet or to selling pictures in general. Some popular hashtags related to feet pictures are #feet, #feetmodels, #feetpicsforsake,#feetpicsbuyer,#feetpictures, #feetpic #cutefeet, #feetography, etc.

Steps to sell feet pictures on Instagram

  1. Create an Instagram business account
  2. Start uploading feet pictures on Instagram.

Instagram hosts features and tools that help you grow your business and reach out to many customers.

Promote your pictures on other social media platforms, which will help you attract even more people to buy your photos.

Bonus Tips to Sell Your Feet Pics Online

We’ll go through several measures and tips you can take to secure your feet photos while they’re for sale online.

So, let’s begin right away.

1. Maintain the privacy of your feet. 

If you wish to sell images of your feet online, you can do it in complete privacy if you sell them online. 

For instance, you should make sure not to reveal your face or other parts of your body in order to keep your privacy.

Once you’ve sold your pictures to the buyer, you no longer know their intentions; as a result, you shouldn’t trust anyone you meet online. 

They may have a fetish for feet, asking you to take pictures of your other body parts besides your feet.

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2. Don’t share personal information

You should be cautious about revealing personal information to those who purchase your feet pictures or the websites where you post them for sale. 

Someone may try to scam or manipulate you if they obtain personal information about you, such as your phone number, address, official email account, and bank account details.

For selling photos of your feet, it is possible to hide your true identity by using a new email account and phone number. Avoid utilizing your real contact information and make your appearance on social media different from your other online profiles.

3. Use watermarks on all photos

To prevent others from stealing your images and infringing on your copyright, you will need to add a watermark to them in the form of a personalized copyright mark. 

Doing so makes it extremely difficult for anybody to steal your original photographs. If they do, consumers will be able to identify they are fake by the presence of your watermark.

4. Never show your face in photos

You shouldn’t show your face in any of the images. When taking pictures of your feet, you should ensure that you are not displaying your face in any of the photos.

5. Don’t accept overpayments

Never take any extra payment from any buyers of your feet pictures. Because this can be some scam or someone wants anything else from you in return. Some scammer clients can use techniques by paying extra money and asking you to refund the money, making you lose your money. 

6. Get payment before sending the order

There can be many customers who get the products and don’t pay for them. So you don’t make the mistake of sending pictures before payment. 

You should send the images with the watermark and first request the customers to pay and make sure you receive the payment, and then only you can release your order.

7. Choose legit payment methods

For business purposes, you need to choose your payment method wisely. Please don’t make the mistake of using a bank account directly because it may be hacked, and identity theft may occur. So better choose some other secure payment method like PayPal.

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8. Keep all records

In every business, activities related to finance need to be kept recorded. You should also keep a record of your every financial history, like how many pictures are already sold at what price, etc.

It helps you to track all your transaction details and helps you stay organized.

9. Refuse gift cards

Scammers and cheaters often use gift cards, which can be scammed if you use a gift card to pay for your foot picture. 

As a result, accepting gift cards as payment carries a certain risk. Make sure that your privacy and security are protected when taking payments.

10. Disable your location

You have to disable the location setting on your device before you can upload the photographs to the internet to sell them. Scammers can identify your accurate location by using the spatial information that is present in your images. You can do this by using the best VPN. 

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How much you can earn by selling feet pictures?

There is a growing demand for photographs of feet, and it’s easy to see why. Many individuals find it uncomfortable to look at another person’s feet, but some find it fascinating. 

Taking images of one’s feet can be quite profitable as a profession. You may make money by posting pictures of your feet online.

There is no standard rate for selling foot pictures; instead, you should research the rates offered by competitors and set your rate based on the effort and resources you put into taking the photos.

If you are beginning, you can attract consumers by posting foot photos on sites like Foap and Onlyfans and charging as little as $5 for each.

You can get $10-$50 per foot for your photography if you can attract enough people to your page on social media. You can get more money for your images if they are of great quality.

How much you can earn by selling feet pictures?

There is a growing demand for photographs of feet, and it’s easy to see why. Many individuals find it uncomfortable to look at another person’s feet, but some find it fascinating. 

Taking images of one’s feet can be quite profitable as a profession. You may make money by posting pictures of your feet online.

There is no standard rate for selling foot pictures; instead, you should research the rates offered by competitors and set your rate based on the effort and resources you put into taking the photos.

If you are beginning, you can attract consumers by posting foot photos on sites like Foap and Onlyfans and charging as little as $5 for each.

You can get $10-$50 per foot for your photography if you can attract enough people to your page on social media. You can get more money for your images if they are of great quality.


In summary,  if you want to earn extra money online without investing more funds, then selling feet pictures can be the best option for you. Selling feet pictures online can be a profitable business. 

You only need a camera, mobile device, or laptop and some editing skills. It will help you become financially secure and attract a large audience interested in your feet pictures. Be aware of the possible issues that may arise while selling photographs online.

The purpose of this article is to discuss all aspects related to selling feet pictures online, such as the pros and cons of feet selling a business, how to sell it without getting scammed, and some platforms for doing so. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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