What Happened To Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank in 2023?

Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank

Squeeky knees came to the doorstep of Shark Tank with high hopes to take their 3-year-old business to new heights. It appeared on the show in Season 5, Episode 19. The episode was aired on March 7, 2014.

In this article, we talk about the Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank. Tell you comprehensive details of Squeeky Knees’ journey on and off the show.

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Let’s start with an overview find out what happened to Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank.

An Overview of Squeeky Knees

Product NameSqueeky Knees
FounderLisa Evans and Ivan Barnes
EpisodeSeason 5 Episode 19
Investment Seeking$80,000 for 20% equity
DealNo deal
SharkNo shark
StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

What is Squeeky Knees?

Squeeky knees are soft protection for your infant’s knees. It’s a knee pad intended to keep your infant’s knee safe while moving. It doesn’t add weight or bulk to the pants and you can relieve yourself from the stress of your kid’s knee getting hurt. 

Squeeky knees have patent-pending for their silicone technology-based product. The absorption of noise and vibrations caused by jumping, jogging, and crawling makes it a great tool for parents. 

The knee pads make a squeaking sound every time when the child moves. This sounds alert to you to see where the kid is moving. It helps parents to rest thinking their child will be safe properly. 

Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank

Squeeky Knees are pants with built-in knee cushioning that are available in a number of cute styles for boys and girls.  The built-in knee pads on the leggings continue to function as intended for a long time.

Even the most energetic of little infants won’t be able to break through the kneepads’ tough design. They work well on a variety of surfaces like wood, concrete, and ceramic.

They are beneficial for many activities besides crawling. Even once your child learns to walk, they continue to offer an additional layer of protection against scratches and bruises.

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Who founded Squeeky Knees?

Lisa Evans and Ivan Barnes created Sqeeky Knees in 2010 for protecting their son’s knee while he is moving around the house. Not only that, the product makes a squeeky sound as they move which is both pleasant to the ear and keep track of the children’s location.

Evans collaborated with Right Bank babies but later the firm abandoned it. The products have many varieties like jeans, knee highs, pants, onesies, leggings, and stockings. These squeeky knees are easily washable using a washing machine. 

Squeeky Knees Before Shark Tank

Baby’s cushioned leggings called “Squeeky Knees” have squeaking sound enhancement built right into the padding. It comes in different colors.l

Squeeky Knees was established by Lisa and Ivan since they couldn’t manage to keep watch of their active new child due to their various responsibilities.

When Lisa’s child began to crawl all around the house when she wasn’t there, she decided that she needed to make a clothing pad that would hold him contained and let her know where he was.

Squeeky Knees for babies

To protect their product from being copied by other businesses, Ivan and Lisa devoted the first year of their startup working to patent it.

In contrast, Lisa and Ivan made no attempt to enhance sales or distribution since their website received little attention.

They registered to be on Shark Tank because they thought they had a great idea and the motivation to grow their firm.

Squeeky Knees During Shark Tank Pitch

Squeeky Knees goes silent after Shark Tank pitch - Kirk Taylor
(source: kirktaylor.com)

Ivan Barnes and Lisa Evans go to the Shark Tank in search of a business partner for their Squeeky Knees, children’s clothing line. Ivan and Lisa made an appearance on Shark Tank to ask for an investment of $80,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in Squeeky Knees, which is worth $400,000. 

The knee-high leggings have a cushion and squeaker that serve two purposes. They contend that the knee pads shield young children’s knees from injuries and squeak to let parents know where they are in the house. 

The state of the sales was a major concern for Lori Greiner. Ivan reports that they have sold 500 copies and have made just under $10,000.

The first year of their three years with the company was devoted to searching for patents. Kevin O’Leary said that there aren’t any sales because the idea “sucks”.  Lori Greiner asserts that customers are drawn to a product when it genuinely performs as promised. Due to the obvious poor sales performance, she was rejected out of boredom. 

The pair receives advice from Mark Cuban that they are a product rather than a business. After that, he leaves. 

Robert Herjavec also quits because he thinks it’s too soon and that their sales aren’t enough. Kevin O’Leary leaves because he disapproves of the concept and believes it to be a lousy idea. Only Daymond John has remained from the Sharks. 

John thought that if they work alongside each other, they would spend most of the day bickering and he would ultimately go out because the two argued with Mark Cuban about going head to head against people who dedicate their full day to their company. Having failed to reach an agreement with the Sharks, Evans and Ivan eventually left the show empty-handed.

Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank

Squeeky Knees was advertised immediately following the show thanks to the “Shark Tank effect,” but the business never truly took off. The social media accounts haven’t been maintained since 2014, and most of the items for sale are not available even if the website is still operational. 

Squeeky Knees Official Website

He made a reasonable point that seemed to have worked out as anticipated, even though they both reacted violently to his evaluation at the moment. Although Squeeky Knees was a fantastic idea, the Sharks ignored it and they were correct; the business failed in 2017.


Although Lisa Evans and Ivan Barnes came with high hopes to get a deal in Shark tank, their business plan couldn’t impress the sharks. They didn’t get any deal and had to return empty-handed. They did continue their effort for a while but Squeeky Knees after shark tank failed to find a ground to grow their business and eventually went out of business.

Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank FAQ

💹 What is the net worth of Squeeky Knees?

Both before and after the presentation, the company was valued at USD 400,000. The company has since shut its doors, and it is unknown what the company’s net worth is.

🏃‍♀️ Is Sqeeky Knees still running?

No, Squeeky knees are completely out of business as of today. Their business plan failed badly because of the lack of business sense. Their business website remains active but there is no activity whatsoever and no stock remaining.

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