What Happened to Eco Mower After Shark Tank in 2023?

What happened to Eco Mower after Shark Tank

🧐 Curious about the Eco Mower after Shark Tank update in 2023? How did it start and where is it now? Is it still on the market? What’s Eco Mower’s net worth in 2023? In this article, we are going to talk comprehensively about it.

In addition, we are going to answer the following questions: 🕵️‍♂️

So, stick it out till the end to clear up all your doubts about the Eco Mower after Shark Tank and get detailed Eco Mower reviews. 👇

An Overview of Eco Mower 👩 💻

Company NameEcoMower
EpisodeSeason 2, Episode 7
Product OfferingEco-friendly push mowers
FounderAndy Humphrey
Required Investment$90,000 for 20%
Closing DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Current Business StatusOut of business

What is an Eco Mower?

EcoMowers are lawn mowing products that are environmentally friendly and were created to reimagine mowing for lawns and gardens.

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Traditional lawn mowers need to be sharpened, get grimy, and make a lot of noise, which causes environmental pollution and serious injuries.

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Who founded Eco Mower?

Andy Humphrey founded EcoMowers in 2006 to expand his push mower business. Aside from selling, he has also done jobs as a landscape designer, podcaster, and irrigation technology consultant.

Eco Mower Founder
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He currently owns and operates several businesses, including Sprinkler Supply Store, which provides irrigation services on a local and national scale. It was created to be an alternative to traditional mowers and casting agents considered for a day job.

How does the Eco Mower work?

The EcoMower was easy to use, didn’t need to be sharpened regularly, and was environmentally friendly. The Eco Mower is ideal for maintaining rough vegetation, such as on-road verges.

The Eco Mower cuts the foliage with a revolving wheel fitted with “loose” hung mowing blades. The foliage is mowed off and tossed out on the back by the flails as they spin quickly.

The Herder Eco Mower is extremely adaptable and can be connected to other machines.
To remove vegetation or suction units from lateral passes, a conveyor belt or auger unit would be more effective than a rubber safety flap.

Traditional lawn mowers and reel mowers are way simpler to use for a lot of people than Eco Mowers.

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The Eco Mower before Shark Tank

Andy Humphrey ran a lawncare-specific website where he increased sales of push mowers worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Since the current push mowers on the market were blunt, he developed his own brand called Eco Mower.

Andy invented the Eco Mower, an eco-friendly push mower that drove more effortlessly than traditional push mowers and didn’t require blade sharpening.

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The Pitch for Eco Mower in the Shark Tank

Andy owns a thriving online business that sells lawn equipment, including reel or push lawn mowers. He is looking for $90,000 in exchange for 20% ownership of his company.

The Sharks showed no interest in shares of Eco Mower during the pitch because the product does not flourish in the market. As a result, Humphrey’s deal fell through.

What happened to the Eco Mower after Shark Tank?

He wasn’t concerned about his failure on Shark Tank, even though his company wasn’t as successful as he’d hoped.

His website still offers the Helix EcoMowers as a people’s product alternative, and also started selling on Amazon after the pitch, but the social media platforms have been inactive since 2011.

Humphrey’s vision of a massively ahead-of-time and successful green revolution does not appear to have been realized with the EcoMowers.

The company appears to have been out of business in 2023, as the website is no longer up and running and the mowers are currently unavailable.

The Sprinkler Supply Store is currently run by Amazon as its transformation factory for lot of times for lawn and garden people’s products.

Eco Mowers Net worth 2023

Before seeking investors from Shark Tank, the company’s net worth was around $450,000.

Eco Mower
Image credit: eco mower

Eco Mower after shark tank net worth does not appear anywhere for the public. Since its ceased operations in 2021, nobody knows the exact net worth of Eco Mowers. The main reason to assume such is the company is no longer in business and has no source of revenue generation.

Conclusion: Is Eco Mower still in business?

Eco Mower after Shark Tank is no longer in operation. Their website is no longer accessible, and their social media accounts have been inactive since 2010.

In fact, except for their Facebook page, which was last updated in 2011, most of their social media accounts have been deleted. As far as we can tell, their products are no longer available for purchase.

Eco Mower after shark Tank FAQ

Q1. Is EcoMowers available on the internet?

Yes, EcoMowers are available online and you can buy them from Amazon.com.

Q2. How to contact EcoMowers?

The best way to contact EcoMowers is to use their Facebook page or Twitter account for support and queries.

Q3. What was the total cost of EcoMowers?

There is no estimated cost for EcoMowers in 2023 because the company generates no revenue.

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