What happened to Raising Wild after Shark Tank?

raising wild shark tank update

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An Overview of Raising Wild 👩 💻

Company Name Raising Wild
Website raisingwild.com
Episode Season 8, Episode 3
Product Offering Women’s and kids’ swimwear and apparel collection
Founded In 2015
Founder Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught
Required Investment $100,000 For 20% equity in Raising Wild
Closing Deal $100,000 For 50% equity in Raising Wild
Shark Barbara Corcoran:
Current Business Status In Business

What is Raising Wild?

Raising Wild is a Florida-based women’s swimsuit company that designs and manufactures stunning one-piece suits for busy moms.

According to the company, humans created swimsuits to make it easier to enjoy the water. They also offer swimsuits for adults and children.

Animals, however, tend to move in one direction only, downward, by design, so this might be detrimental to them.


The company sought to solve this issue through its Swin-Suits-for-Wildlife line.

The suits are created in such a way that they can be both comfortable and elegant, giving the user a sense of confidence and sophistication.

Who is the founder of Raising Wild?

Raising Wild is a swimsuit line founded by Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught of Florida. The brand produces all-around swimsuits that are made to fit, look good, and perform well.

Rachelle and Kara piqued their mother’s curiosity about swimwear. Two girls grew up in Florida and always wore comfortable swimming suits while going about their daily lives.

Raising wild founders
Business Insider

Swimwear was in their closet and clothes, whether it was for dates, movies, or ordinary homework.

The two sisters were prompted to start Raising Wild because they wanted to raise standards for this vital piece of clothing.

Their products would ensure that everyone in the presence of children feels safe, secure, elegant, and stylish.

They sought to make swimsuits a necessary part of every woman’s and girl’s wardrobe, as well as motivate them to live outside of the box.

The bathrooms are one-of-a-kind, with various features that make them appealing and practical.

Adjustable ties, bum coverings, integrated shelf brazes, and care-friendly designs are all standard features that appeal to young women and mothers.

Things that perfectly fit youngsters who love decency, comfort, and luxury on the beach have wonderful comments from mothers.

Because the company grew quickly and received positive feedback from its target market, the two sisters needed more growth capital and increased production to remain profitable and sustainable.

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Raising Wild before Shark Tank 🏊‍♀️

Tara and Shelly Hyde are sisters and best friends from St. Cloud, Florida. They’ve always been partners in crime, from teaching each other to swim to cutting each other’s bangs; they’ve always known they were a good match.

They know each have four children, but they haven’t changed much else. They’re off on another adventure, but this time they’re accompanied by four small wild animals.

They make things for women and mothers that allow them to live stylishly and courageously.

It’s difficult and demanding to be a mother and a business leader with so many skills in common.

Raising Wild RW_BeckyKimballPhoto
Raising Wild

You will have to put the children to bed at the end of the day, and more work will follow, but it will all be worth it in the end.

They have invested their own money and countless hours into Raising Wild, but everything is handled by the two of them.

They require another pair of hands to assist them, yet their business may fail without the Sharks’ assistance. The moment they are about to enter is the most critical in the history of their firm.

What Was the Shark Tank Pitch for Raising Wild? 🎯

Many have come up with bathing suits shark tank for investment. So do Kara and Shelly.

Kara and Shelly decided to submit their product to Shark Tank to raise money for further development and manufacture.

Kara and Shelly are seeking $100,000 in exchange for 20% ownership of their company, which is worth $500,000. They tell their stories, hand out samples, and start answering questions about their sales.


They claim to have made $130,000 in lifetime sales and are in charge of all social media marketing. Despite the low-profit margins, suits are manufactured for $38 and sold for $130 to $160. They require funding for marketing.

Each of the sharks had views on the pitch idea as follows:

  • Mark believed they required a plan, and their projected expansion into children’s swimwear was too much, too soon, and he left the deal.
  • Additionally, Kevin states that he has no need to invest and leaves right away.
  • Lori believes it’s a lot of effort, and she, too, is out.
  • Robert pledges that it is too soon, and he goes out.

Barbara proposes $100,000 in exchange for 51% equity in the company, depending on the suits being sold at $99.

The girls counter with a 35% equity in the company, and they eventually agree to a 50% equity in the company and another 50% to be split with Barbara, and they all strike a deal.

What Happened to Raising Wild After Shark Tank?

Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught went on Shark Tank Episode 3 of Season 8 to pitch their mom-friendly swimwear brand for a $500,000 valuation.

They eventually accepted Barbara Corcoran’s $100,000 offer for 50% ($200,000 valuation).

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Raising Wild Shark Tank Update

Raising Wild made over $400,000 in sales in the months after their debut on Shark Tank.

After deciding to showcase more product lines, they had trouble prioritizing their efforts.

Raising Wild

Barbara Corcoran, their mentor and investor-partner have taught the two sisters a lot, including how to prioritize and thereby manage their creative urges.

Their business’s growth and sustainability have been secured thanks to the plan and support they’ve received. Over the years, the organization has consistently maintained a high level of quality.

Raising Wild relies on the Los Angeles apparel industry for unique materials, factories, and people, ensuring the business’s quality.

Raising Wild Swimsuits Net Worth 2022 💵

During the pitch, the company was estimated to be worth $500,000. Barbara’s investment increased the company’s value to $200,000.

Since its beginning, the company has generated revenue of $25 million in 2021, indicating that its net worth has increased as well. Moreover, the Raising Wild shark tank net worth 2022 has not been enclosed yet.

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In a Nutshell: Is Raising Wild still in business?

Raising Wild: After focusing on shark tank bathing suits, it has released a new range of eyewear.

Because of their exceptional quality, exquisite fit, and utility, the Raising Wild swimsuits are designed so that every client wearing them will easily recognize the brand.

In a crowded swimsuit market, the company has continuously recognized fresh development prospects while maintaining relevance and innovation.

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