What happened to unPack after Shark Tank in 2023?

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Aaron Liskov and Andrew Zahornacky appeared on Shark Tank (US) in Season 8, Episode 6, which aired on October 28, 2016. These two gentlemen presented their business plan, “unPack” seeking $500,000 for 40% equity from the sharks.

Aaron and Andrew gave a decent presentation to describe their business model to the sharks. Their inspiration to start the business was their habit of traveling alot for businesses where they saw the problem of packing luggage for the trip. Then they planned to make packing easier for people while traveling and started unPack – a luggage delivery service.

So, you must wonder what might have happened to unPack after Shark Tank? Where is it now? Do not worry; this article is for all readers seeking answers about unPack after Shark Tank.

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Let’s start with an overview and find out what happened to unPack after Shark Tank.

An Overview of unPack

Product NameunPack: Luggage Delivery Service
FounderAaron Liskov And Andrew Zahornacky
EpisodeSeason 8 Episode 6
Investment Seeking$500,000 For 40% equity
StatusOut of business
WebsiteVisit Website

What is unPack?

unPack is a delivery service business model that delivers luggage to the place directly where a person is traveling to. It allows people to rent clothing and other toiletries to your destination for a fee.

The objective of unPack is to eliminate the trouble of logging your suitcase in the airport so that you don’t waste your valuable time managing your luggage. You won’t have to spend time packing, be late to reach the airport, waste time on luggage checking, or wait in a long line to claim your luggage.

unPack make sure your unPack suitcase will already be there when you reach your hotel to check in. This luggage includes all your necessary items from your either set of clothes to underwear and socks except shoes.

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You will be paying USD 20 per day to rent an unPack suitcase. If you are traveling for 5 days then you will have to pay USD 100.

After you are done with your trip, you can simply leave your unPack suitcase at the hotel and return back home without the luggage in your hand. unPack will receive the returned luggage then washes all the clothes and prepare them for another rental.

It’s a useful and pleasurable service for people who travel alot and don’t have the time or energy to pack and clean their clothes in between trips or for anyone looking to simplify their travel process.

unPack packages clothes from the brands you usually wear. You have to previously mention all your favorite brands while signing up on the unPack official website. You will also need to mention your measurements and other necessary items.

unPack Before Shark Tank

Before making an appearance on Shark Tank, Aaron Liskov and Andrew Zahornacky took numerous business trips. They often find the issue of wasting their time on luggage which is their main reason to start unPack.

They figured out that people don’t have sufficient time to wash clothes or buy things because people are continuously focused on traveling. They imagined getting to the hotel and finding clean clothes and amenities already there.

Unfortunately, a business of this kind needs a large capital to buy new things and maintain the ones that they already have. This is where Aaron and Andrew made the decision to ask the Sharks for funding.

unPack During Shark Tank Pitch

unpack after shark tank
(source: sharktankblog.com)

Aaron Liskov and Andrew Zahornacky gave a positive pitch in front of the shark. The presentation caught the eyes of sharks for a moment but the moment didn’t last too long for the co-owners. 

Mark Cuban started to ask about the service cost, what can be shipped and what couldn’t. Andrew answered that they will ship whatever the customer wants like clothing, underwear, and socks except for shoes. 

Daymond added a new question about whether they serve both men and women or not. Andrew said yes they do but currently their customers are mostly men.

The sharks went to a shock hearing the answer to Kevin’s question. Kevin wanted to know if the clothes are used and to their horror, they were used clothes. Lori and other sharks seem to dislike the idea of wearing others’ clothes. 

Further, Daymond wanted to know how the clothes sizing works. Andrew answered that customers will have to mention their sizes on their user profiles on the website. The unPack will use this data to provide the right clothes to the customer depending on their size and travel purposes.

Mark asked about the cost and Aaron said that the charge was USD 20 per day.

The sharks started to find problems in unPack’s business model. They were concerned about whether the clothes will fit right or not and will it deliver on time or not. Although Aaron said unPack really is looking to excel when it comes to delivery, the sharks were looking impressed.

Robert couldn’t pinpoint what problem were Aaron and Andrew exactly trying to solve but Aaron’s answer was not enough to impress the sharks. Aaron said unPack will make the trips of customers better. However, their primary goal of no luggage seems unrealistic since people still need to take some personal items with them. So at the end of the day, people still have to carry some luggage.

The sharks were amused to know that unPack was only 6 months old and they had only 37 paying customers. Mark laughed and wondered about the reviews. Despite Andrew’s attempt to convince sharks, Robert was not having it because unPack was a brand new idea, competing against two major competitive spaces, and wasn’t saving people’s money.

Mark added that unPack was solving the wrong problem and the name was not defining their actual motive. He suggested the co-owners change the entire business plan and name it FUNpack instead to unPack. 

Furthermore, Mark said that they were asking for USD 500,000 to entirely change their business model. Although Aaron corrected it by saying that they only want to optimize their existing business, they have lost Mark’s interest.  Mark told the co-owners that they themselves are confused about the business.

unpack after shark tank

In the end, all the Sharks denied taking part in their business. Robert hated the business idea of people wearing used clothes. Kevin couldn’t comprehend the exact business model. Daymond doesn’t think it’s solving the luggage problem. Finally, Lori saw a complete and total nightmare in the business. 

unPack After Shark Tank

unPack doesn’t seem to be active after 2016. Its business website is still running but people can no longer register to rent luggage. There is a phone number on the website but there is no evidence of it being active or not.

unPack also hasn’t updated its social media profiles on Instagram and Twitter. There is no information on whether the business is still running or not. So looking at the lack of details, it looks as if the business is no longer running.

Credit: JeremyJasonA

Is unPack Still In Business?

Unfortunately, the Sharks estimated the accurate future of unPack, and unPack went out of business as predicted by the Sharks. We can assume unPack after shark tank went out of business for various reasons.


Despite having a unique idea, unPack did not solve the needed problem of its consumers. And, it did not pack everything a person needs for travel like toiletries and shoes, which did not help the entrepreneurs during their pitch.

However, they had received good alternative ideas for their business. Sharks even asked them to change their business to supply top and fashionable materials for an exhilarating experience for their customers.

The founders seem to have run out of motivation to continue their business for unknown reasons. We can only assume that they lacked capital funding to operate the business or could not capture the audience’s interest.

So we can conclude that the unPack after shark tank is out of business despite the active website.

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